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CLOSED-June Estate and Consignment Online Auction - Friday, June 5 - Thursday, June 11, 2020 Begins Closing at 7:00 p.m. at the rate of 5 items per minute.

Item Description
1.Wooden and Metal Side Table
Approx. 24.5" tall, 23.75" x 23.75"
2.Various Snap On, Crescent, Craftsman Sockets, Extensions, and Ratchets
3.Various Snap On, Craftsman Wrenches
4.Various Screwdrivers, Punch, Crescent Wrench and Others
5.Various Tools Including Cresent Wrench, Brass Bender and More
6.Various Tools
7.Vintage Metal Folding Tool Box with Tray
8.Giant Stuffed Gorilla Holding A Banana
9.Large Native American Doll With Porcelain Hands And Face, Soft Body
10.Another Large Native American Doll With Porcelain Hands And Face, Soft Body
11.1959 Singer "Slant-O-Matic" Sewing Machine
In excellent/working condition, instruction manual included
12.Vintage Sewing Box With Assorted Sewing Supplies
13.3 Native American Porcelain Dolls With Certificates Of Authenticity
14.Two Heritage Signature Collection Porcelain Dolls
Lamb is missing one ear and three hooves
15.Smith Corona Electric Typewriter
Powers on
16.HP PSC 1400 Printer With User Guide
Powers on
17.Large Rattan Fan
Approx. 36" tall, 31" wide
18.Ornate Pool Cue with Mother of Pearl Inlay and Carrying Case
19.Primitive Wood and Iron Horse or Ox Yoke
20.Vintage Large Metal Tractor Seat
21.Vintage Fence Stretcher
22.Vintage Metal Motorized Seed Pitter
23.Vintage Metal Plow Blade
24.Vintage Gulf Motor Oil Can
25.Two Old Jars, One Old Bottle
26.Two Ornate Music Boxes Made In Italy
Smaller one plays; larger one seems to be wound too tight.
27.Tackle Box Full Of Fishing Supplies
Needs to be cleaned out
28.Two Puzzles With Travel Themes
29.One 500 Piece Puzzle In An Unopened Box
30.Two 1000 Piece Puzzles
31.Tall Ornate Lamp without Shade
Works, Approx. 36" in. Tall
32.Three Vintage Colorful Glass Ash Trays
33.Two Duffel Bag Style Rolling Suitcases
34.Tall, Heavy Swivel Bar Stool
Approx. 45 "
35.Three Wooden TV Tray Tables With Stand
36.Ninja Auto IQ Blender And An Assortment Of Attachments And Accessories
Powers on
37.Heritage Mint, Ltd. Nautical Battery Operated Clock
38.2016 Limited Edition Old Timer Pocket Knives in Metal Tin
New in package
39.Old Timer Limited Edition Gift Set with 2 Knives
New in package
40.Dark Side Blades Quick Release Pocket Knife
41.New Bone Edge Knife with Sheath
42.Small Uniquely Shaped Pocket Knife with Sheath
43.Duck Brand Quick Release Locking Blade Pocket Knife
44.Deer Creek Knife with Leather Sheath
45.2 Thomas Kinkade Lighthouse Prints
Frames are about 11" x 9"
46.2 Thomas Kinkade Lighthouse Prints
Frames are about 11" x 9"
47.Two Vintage Pipes 1 Royal Duke and 1 Gt. Britain
48.Another Two Vintage Wooden Pipes 1 Omega Dr. Grabow and 1 Other
49.Igloo Legend 12 Cooler
Approx. 9.9 quarts
50.Nonelectric T-Fal Pressure Cooker with Accessories
51.Folding Luggage Rack
Approx 20 inches tall unfolded
52.Triplet 30x 21 mm Jewelry Loupe
53.2 Nice Magnifying Glasses With Glass Blown Handles
New in box
54.Another 2 Nice Magnifying Glasses With Glass Blown Handles
New in box
55.Jewelry Trinket Box, Ring Holder, Nice Brooch And Nice Bracelet
56.Jewelry Trinket Box, Ring Holder, And A Nice Charm Bracelet
57.Two Dancing And Walking Chihuahuas And a Self-Driving, Noise Making Car
58.Two Brand New Aqua Storm Water Guns
59.Brand New Disney Princess Backpack And New Doll
60.Brand New Disney Princess Backpack And New Doll
61.3 Silver Plated Decorative Candles Sticks
62.Silver Plated Oneida Platter And Gorham Bowl
63.Silver Occupied Japan Creamer and Sugar Bowl
64.Silver Plated Serving Dish And Butter Tray
1 is Reed & Barton silver soldered
65.Assorted Stanley Tools Including Screwdrivers, Hammer and More
66.Kraeuter Toolds Ratchet And Assorted Sockets Set
67.Assorted Drill Bits
68.Vintage Rustic Leather Punch
69.Vintage Rustic Smaller Belt Driven Grinder
70.Vintage Rustic Wooden Handle Hack Saw
71.Vintage Rustic Hand Drill
Gear needs oil
72.8 2009 Lincoln Cent
73.US Treasury Commemorative Medallion
74.1925,1934,1944,1944,1957 Wheat Pennies
75.1971 Mint Set of Coins
76.1971 Mint Set of Coins
77.1943 Steel War Penny
78.1925 Buffalo Nickel
79.1920,1929,1930,1941,1948,1957 Wheat Pennies
80.Collector Cards - YRO Ming and Deion Sanders
81.Lebron James and a Michael Jordan Collector Basketball Cards
82.Mint-Error Coin
83.1957 Silver Certificate
84.Vintage Rustic Sheep Sheers and Wooden Handle Dibbler
85.Misc. Lot of Rustic Items including Vintage Gas Nozzle,Tenon Cutter, and Other Vintage Pieces
This Auger Dowel/Spoke Tenon cutter was designed for use with an Auger Brace and is believed to have been patented by E. C. Stearns around 1880. It was made for use by Wheel-wrights, ladder makers, furniture makers and other skilled woodworkers.
86.Misc. Lot of Vintage Blacksmith Tool, Vintage Snippers and Vintage Saw Set
87.Vintage Tools
88.Vintage Small Postage Scale with Weight
89.Peter Forward Framed Oil Painting
Handmade in Australia, approx 14.75" x 12.75"
90."There Is No Place Like Home" Plaque
Approx 20" x 8"
91.Love, Hope, and Faith Metal Wall Decor
Approx 21.5" x 14.25"
92.Evelyn Shaw Bluebonnets Oil Painting
Not Framed. Approx 24" x 30"
93.Teacher's Scotch Whiskey Framed Advertisment
Approx 32.5" x 22.5"
94.Irish Armed Forces Recruitment Advertisement
Approx. 32.5" x 22.5"
95.Saunders House of Lords Malt Whiskey Framed Advertisment
Approx 32" x 22"
96.Waking Ned Devine Framed Movie Poster
no glass. Approx 31.25" x 21.5"
97.Abstract Oil Painting
canvas needs adjusting to fit in frame. Approx 31.5" x 25.25"
98.Signed Watercolor Print
some water damage. Approx 32.5" x 26.5"
99.The Great One Nolan Ryan Newspaper Article of 1991 BlueJays No Hitter
Approx 28.5" x 22.5"
100.Jackson Ducote Tea Party Print
Approx 30.75" x 21.25"
101.Vintage Golf Clubs
Robt. Jones Jr, Walter Hagen, and Taylor Made Burner Plus Metal Wood, Other
102.4 Vintage Golf Clubs
103.Old Left Handed Putter and an Old Wood
104.Two Old Vintage Golf Clubs
105.Folding Metal Fireplace Tool
106.Iron Crow Bar
107.Bronze Dart Reel with Pole and Another Rod with Reel
Both Reels have small issues as seen in pictures
108.Min-O-Dipper Bucket with Fish Stringer
109.Small 1936 Ford Die Cast Car From Danbury Mint
110.Design House Mini Pendant Hanging Light
New in box
111.Black and Decker Multi Tool Submersible Scrubber
looks new
112.1958 "Through Golden Windows" Collection of 8 Children Books
This appears to be a complete set
113.Metal Foldable Saw Horses
The legs fold up inside the top for easy storage
114.Sturdy Gorilla Carts Plastic Utility Wagon With Landscape Barrier
Weight Capacity is 600 lbs.
115.Portable Clothes Closet
Consigner says all pieces are here
116.Lefton Canister Set
One of the Large Canisters looks dirty. May clean up
117.Vintage McCoy Crock Without Lid with American Flags
118.Cardboard Rooster Box with Handles
Approx 6" tall, 11.5" x 8"
119.Wooden Chicken and a Rooster Stained Glass
120.Sturdy Cardboard Utility Box with Bamboo Handle
121.3 Crosses Metal Cross, Resin Cross and One Hanging Cross with Beads
122.3 Glass Crosses. 2 of Them Have Metal Metallic Wings That Clip On
123.2 Metal Crosses and One Resin
124.Assortment of Metal and Resin Crosses
125.Wooden Pool Que Rack
Approx 20.5" tall, 14" x 12.5"
126.Vintage Wooden Table For Recliner or Bedside
Top will tilt and can be raised. Approx 27.5" tall, 31.5" x 15.5"
127.Vintage Solid Rock Maple Night Stand with Drawer and Bottom Compartment
Approx. 24" tall, 24" x 18"
128.Another Vintage Solid Rock Maple Night Stand with Drawer and Bottom Compartment
Approx 24" tall, 24" x 18"
129.Rustic Bulletin Board with Hooks for Keys
Approx 25" x 15.5"
130.Very Old Wooden Rolling Pin
Consigner says he remembers his grandmother baking him pies with this
131.Vintage Manor Texas Tin with Old Buttons and Misc. Sewing Materials
132.Very Old Box of Sewing Rotary Tools and Paperwork
133.Heavy Lodge 8.5" Cast Iron Skillet
134.Joseph W. Barr Dollar
135.1919,1920,1923,1925 Buffalo Nickles
136.1926,1927,1929,1937 Buffalo Nickles
137.1948,1949,1951,1959 Old Jeffferson Nickel
138.1952,1953,1955,1959 Old Jefferson Nickles
139.1976 Bicentennial $2 Note
140.1971 Eisenhower Dollar
141.1978 Kennedy Half Dollar Proof
142.1964 Penny, 1964 Nickel, 1975 Dime, 1969 Quarter Proof Set
143.1891,1886,1883,1906,1905,1898 Indian Head Cents
144.6 Steel War Pennies
145.Old 1962 Mexican Silver Dollar
minted from silver
146.Vintage Stagecoach Playmobil From Germany.
Consignor bought these in Germany in the early '80's. Mint Condition. No original box
147.Assortment of Billiard Parts and Supplies
148.Resin Native American Dressed in Ceremony Attire
from Collections, Etc.
149.Resin Frog Band Lily Pad Sprinkler
150.5 Gardening Books
151.Vintage General Electric Iron
it does warm up
152.Pair of Sante Fe Hanging Candle Holders
153.Assortment of Plastic Sante Fe Wall Hangings
154.Metal Tri Fold Sante Fe Decor Pieces
155.Pair of Metal Native American Wall Hangings
156.Metal Burro and Man
157.Plastic Sante Fe Wall Hangings
158.Plastic Sante Fe Mirror and Shelf
Shelf is 15.5" and 5" deep. The mirror is 16.5" x 11"
159.Full Bottle of Mexican Coca Cola and a Vintage 10oz Coca Cola Bottle
160.2 Brass Candle Sticks
161.11 Pairs of Assorted Earrings
162.10 Pairs of Assorted Earrings
163.Another 10 Pairs of Assorted Earrings
164.Vintage Wooden 7-UP Box
165.10 White Milk Glass Cups, One Mug
166.3 Tall Decorative Glass Bottles
167.Another 3 Tall Decorative Glass Bottles
168.Barbie 2008 Doll Pink Label
169.Large, Clean, Stuffed Alligator, Frog, And Snake
170.2 Clean, Nice Stuffed Mickey Mouses, One Bendy Flower
171.4 Franklin Mint and Hamilton Plate Collection Plates
172.Lasko Oscillating Fan / Heater
Works, Approx 28" tall
173.Antique Rustic Wheeler And Wilson Sewing Machine
174.5 Kewpie Dolls
175.Assorted Tools Including Screwdriver Set And Vintage Tape Measure
176.Vintage Wooden Box with Removable Drawer
Approx. 10" tall, 21" x 14"
177.Assorted Tools Including Screwdrivers, Snips, Pry Bar and Others
178.Vintage Ironing Board/Step Ladder
36" Tall, Ironing Board 42" long, Folded, 15" wide
179.Large Antique Stoneware Jug
180.Assorted Decorative Glass Vases
181.Hinged Picture Frame and Clock
Clock Works, Battery not included
182.2 Sets Of 2 Pillow Shams
One set 39" x 22", One set 39.5" x 23.5"
183.Large Decorative Fan From China
184.Fall Centerpiece
185.Fall Centerpiece in Glass Pumpkin
186.Rolling Golf Club Caddy
187.Shark Steamer with Extra Pads
In good condition; Consignor said it works.
188.Manual Floor Sweeper
Works well
189.Small Wooden Heart Shelf
22" Long
190.Vintage Minnow Bucket
191.25 Essential Oil Bottles With Lids
192.Glass Drink Dispensers with Stand
193.Approx. 45' Extension Cord
Approx. 45 feet Long
194.Nice Metal Wall Clock and Thermometer
Approx. 15" diameter.
195.2 Pairs Of Camo Pants and Face Guard
New Pair is a 33x32. Other pair is a size large
196.2 Pairs Of Camo Pants
Both Size small. One has small tear in seat.
197.2 Camo Jackets
Button Up is a size S and the zip-up is a size M.
198.Spring Flower Garland
Approx. 13' long
199.Corn Husk Wreath
Approx. 24" diameter
200.2 5-Pound Weights
One has something stuck on an end but just esthetic
201.Wicker and Fruit Baskets
202.Flower Pot / Candle Hangers Made With Shells
Approx. 22" long and the basket is 4" diameter
203.5 Books Signed by Author
Joe B. Hall Kentucky National Champion Basketball Coach, Elmore Leonard, David Baldacci, Don Wakefield, Cathy Keating.
204.Reproduction Metal Coca Cola Sign
205.Chrome Metal 2 Hanging Light Fixture
206.2 Cute Dog Bowls and 2 Dog Collars
207.Poker Game In Metal Case
New. Cards are still in plastic.
208.Dog Harness
209.Vintage Bell and Howell 8mm Movie Camera in Original Box
210.Complete DVD Set of Insanity Workout
211.4 DVD Set of Song of Solomon
212.Wilton Heart Tasty-Fill Cake Pan Set
New in box
213.Assortment of Plates. Some from Japan
214.13 Vintage Glass Coca Cola Bottles.
1 From Weatherford, 1 from San Antonio, and more
215.Clean Canvas Duffle Bag
216.Solar Powered Fountain
Appears to be new and unpacked
217.Metal Battery Operated Mantle Clock
It works; the second hand is going around.
218.Vintage Jeanette Glass Louisa FloraGold Bowl and Libby Glass Amber Stemmed Glass
219.2 Signed Prints of Tea Cups and Saucers
220.Chrome 12 Gallon Shop Vac
It works.
221.Collapsible Leaf Catcher
Approx. 22" diameter and when collapse it is 4" tall
222.Another Smaller Collapsible Leaf Catcher
Approx.21" diameter and when collapse it is almost flat
223.Tall Metal Rustic Sunflower in Cement
Approx 65" tall
224.Metal Rustic Yard Candle Holders
Approx 40" tall and 24" diameter
225.Solid Wood and Heavy Pedastal Table with 2 Leafs
Great condition. Approx 29" tall, 47.5" diameter. Each leaf is 11"
226.6 Wooden Sturdy Chairs
Go with the table in lot 225. NOTE: These are being sold at 6 times the money
227.Vintage Thomas Collector's Edition Radio from 1987
Works. Approx 34" tall, 22" x 10"
228.Acu-Massage Table, Foldable / Portable
Approx. 7' in Length. Made by the France Bed Co. in Tokyo Japan. Includes 2 sandbags for your legs. RETAILS FOR $3000
229.Black And Decker Electric Utility Saw
Powers on
230.Metal Wine Rack with Wicker Top Shelf
Approx 16" tall, 15.5" x 7.25"
231.Troy-Bilt and Cub Cadet Lawn Mower Bags
Insides look clean.
232.Jordache Suitcase with Small Carry on
looks new
233.Red Totes Rolling Carry On with Expandable Handle
Clean Inside
234.Black American Tourister Carry On Bag with Expandable Handle
Clean Inside
235.Pet Stairs
Approx. 14" high and 12" wide
236.Metal Flying Pigs, Elephant, Bird Feeder, and Other
237.36 New 8" Plates Made in Portugal
238.Box With 31 8.5 oz. Oneida Wine Glasses
239.Box With 36 8.5 oz. Oneida Wine Glasses
240.Box With Legal Hanging File Folders
241.Emerson .7 CU FT Stainless Steel Microwave
Powers on
242.Vintage Possible Dreams Refrigerator
Battery operated; no battery; not tested
243.Vintage Safeway Orange Juice Glass Bottle
244.Several Silver Plated Forks. Rogers Nickel Silver and Silver Belle Silver Plate
245.4 Silver Plated Larger Spoons
246.4 x 6 Silver Frames and Vintage Comb
247.2 Tobacco Pipes
248.Glasbake Casserole Dish
Approx 12"x6.5"
249.Vintage Sparkle Plenty Washing Powder Wall Hanging
Approx 9" high 8.5" x 5.75"
250.Looks to be Very Old 7"x6" Print and a Wooden Handle Bell
251.Vintage Iron Kenmore Electric Trivet
Consigner says it works
252.Framed 1990 Endymion Extravaganza Saturday Night at the Movies Print
Approx. 29" x 24.5"
253.Vintage Framed Guiness Advertisement
Approx 32.25" x 23.25".
254.Framed Tilted Kilt Pub and Eatery Stonehinge Print
Approx 33.5" x 23.5"
255.Framed VAT 69 Scotch Whiskey Framed Print
Approx. 18" x 15"
256.Framed Scottish Band Picture
Approx 19.5" x 16.5"
257.Very Old Frame From the 1880s with Vintage Picture of Horse and Colt from the 1950s
258.18V Ryobi Saws All and Utility Saw with Battery.
No charger
259.Vintage Oil Can Spout and Metal Drawer
Drawer is approx. 10.5" tall, 13.5" long and 4.5" wide
260.Wooden Handle Butchers Hand Saw
261.Vintage Metal Marine Gas Can
262.Vintage Metal Long Jointed Funnels
263.Cobalt Blue Leaf Shaped Dish and Decorative Dish From Japan
264.Assortment of Glassware Including a Grape Serving Dish From Indonesia, 7 Etched Leaf Plates & More
265.8 Etched Glass Salad Plates
266.6 Etched Glass Dinner Plates
267.Clean Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven
Approx 11" x 9"
268.Sunbeam Tiltable Mixer with Accessories
269.Clean Sunbeam Steamer with Paper Work
Powers on
270.4 Cup Clean Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker
Powers on
271.White Wooden Night Stand with Fancy Jeweled Drawer Pull
Approx. 24" tall, 23.25" x 15.75". The top has a little "bubbling" of paint. Not very noticeable.
272.Another White Wooden Night Stand with Fancy Jeweled Drawer Pull
Approx 24" tall, 23.25" x 15.75"
273.Large Heavy Wooden Shelf Unit
Approx 36" tall, 70.5" x 14". My pictures do not do this justice. Must preview to appreciate
274.Intex Saltwater and Ozone Pool Filter System, Model 28665EG New
This was ordered and never opened.
275.Git R Done, Right To Bare Arms and Cobalt Blue Coffee Mugs
276.Depression / Carnival Glass Candy Dish on Pedestal
277.2 Steak and Shake Milk Shake Glasses and a Boot Vase
278.Texas Tech Serving Dish, 7 Glass Bowls, and 2 Condiment Bowls
279.New Mustache Cork Screw
282.Lot of 17 Assorted Shot Glasses
283.Lot of 26 Assorted Shot Glasses
284.One More Lot of 10 Assorted Shot Glasses Including Tic Tac Toe
285.Vintage Pottery 3D Plates From the Legend Collection in England
286.McCoy Wishing Well
no issues
287.Top Dog Dish and Silver Plated Jewelry Box From Japan
288.Resin Looks Like Slate Table Top Fountain
not tested
289.HP Deskjet 3752 Printer
Powers on
290.Blue Trunk Lined with OSB
291.Small Oriental Themed Table Lamp
untested. Approx. 17" tall
292.Small Vintage Nautical Themed Table Lamp
untested. Approx. 14" tall
293.Vintage Glass Pedestal Table Lamp with Marble Base and Glass Dangles on Shade
untested. Approx. 21" tall
294.3 Straw Brooms and 1 Push Broom
295.24" Animated Santa in Box
Consignor says this works
296.24" Animated Mrs. Santa in Box
Consignor says this works
297.Vintage Samsonite Suitcase
I could not get it to open
298.Cardinal Decor Made in Japan, Vintage Crown Ivory Bowl, and Small Clay Bowl
299.Silver Plated and Brass Vases
300.Large Metal Decorative Cross
Approx 37" x 27.5"
301.Small Box Full of Vintage Christmas Ornaments
302.Christmas Tin Tray
303.Vintage Brown Spice Bottles with Lids
304.18 Vintage Green Spice Bottles with Lids
305.Vintage Smaller Jewelry Box
306.Vintage Yahtzee Game and Vintage Memory Game.
Both in Original Boxes.
307.Vintage Doll House Furniture
308.Vintage Old Mother Hubbard Shoe Tying Trainer and Vintage Fisher Price Jalopy Toy
309.Vintage Raggedy Anne Doll, Vintage Plastic Building Popsicle Sticks and Other
310.3 Door Live Trap
311.Universal Brand Vintage Grinder
312.Vintage Texaco Lighter Fluid and Various Oil Cans and Gas Can
313.Vintage Metal Tool Box with 7 Drawers
314.18 Metal Frame Address/Utility Yard Sign
315.5000 BTU Arctic King Window A/C Unit
Powers on and it cools.
316.Hard to Find Christmas Story Leg Lamp Molded Glass
317.Full Size Headboard and Footboard with Bed Frame and 3 Wooden Slats
Approx. 57" wide
318.Old Wooden Childrens Sunday School Bench
Consignor said she remembers sitting on this bench as a little girl. She wants it to go to a good home. Approx. 24.5" tall, 52.5" long and 12" deep
319.Hand Made by Consignor Wooden Coffee Table
Approx. 17" tall, 53" long and 20" wide
320.1976 $2 First Day Issue With Stamp
Great Condition
321.1906,1910,1911 Silver V Nickels
322.1934S Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar
323.1945D Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar
324.1942 Liberty Walking Silver Half Dollar
325.1926 Buffalo Nickel, 1927 Buffalo Nickel
326.1914D Barber Dime, 1936 Indian Head Nickel, 1964D Silver Dime
327.1902 Barber Quarter, 1907 Indian Head Cent
328.1898-1908 Indian Head Cent
329.Lincoln Head Cent Book, 1941 Thru 1965
Complete except missing 1962
330.America's Favorite Coins in Hard Plastic Protective Case
1971 40% Silver Half Dollar, 1976 Quarter,1937 Buffalo Nickel, 1945 Mercury Dime, and 1904 Indian Head Cent
331.1928A Funny Back Silver Certificate
332.1928A Funny Back Silver Certificate
333.Chester Arthur Mint $1 Coin, 1916D Quarter
334.1901 #294 Eastlake Navigation Stamp
Mint Condition
335.1857 #26 VF Mint Washington Stamp
Mint Condition
336.1914 #428 Stamp
Mint Condition
337.3 Rose Tea Cups
One has a very small chip in lip.
338.Rose China Tea Set, Includes Pitcher, Creamer, Cups, Saucers, Dessert Plates
The pitcher spout has a small chip. Barely noticeable
339.Mercury Vase and Mercury Glass Ball
340.Assorted Glassware Including Unique Donkey Wall Vase
341.Wooden Cheese Board and 2 Rustic Metal Stars
342.8 Brass Butterfly Napkin Rings and a Vintage Baby Ben Westclox
Clock works.
343.Vintage Brown Purse
Approx 14.5" x 10.25"
344.2 Vintage Purses and Vintage Glasses Holder
345.10 New Candle Light Bulbs
The warm glow of candle light without the flame. These are the small ends
346.6 New Candle Light Bulbs
These are the small ends
347.Black And Decker Sander
348.Foldable Camping Shovel
349.Assorted Extension Cords And Timers
350.Assorted Tools In Tool Tray
351.Nails In Glass Jars
352.4 Tall Collectible Mexican Pepsi Bottles
353.Solar Lit Bird Feeder And Metal Duck Crossing Sign
354.Two Chains And A Bag Of Multi-Grade Steel Wool
355.Reproduction Babe Ruth Red Rock Cola Metal Sign
Approx 12.5" x 16"
356.Reproduction Topps Baseball Card Metal Sign
Approx 12.5" x 16"
357.3 Stemmed Uranium Glasses
Glows under a black-light
358.Assorted Hand Saws And Caulk Gun
359.Sprinkler And Hand-Held Gardening Cultivators
360.Six Small Wooden Picture Frames
Approx 3.5" x 5"
361.Two Extension Cords For Outdoor Appliances
362.2 Power Strips
363.Texaco Die Cast Piggy Bank Truck Special Edition by Ertl
364.Texaco Die Cast Piggy Bank 1934 "Doodle Bug" by Ertl
365.Coors Die Cast Piggy Bank Truck Anniversary Edition by Ertl
366.Coors Die Cast Malted Milk Truck Piggy Bank by Ertl
367.John Deere and Fishing Fund Piggy Banks
368.Disney Princesses and Little Lamb Piggy Banks
369.Plastic File Folder Box And Its Contents
370.Vintage Manttra Pressure Cooker
371.Two Vintage Rival Crock-pots
Green one missing power cord
372.Vintage Key Wound Pendulum Wall Clock
Works. Chimes on the hour. Approx. 23.5" tall
373.Big Soft Foldable Zebra Print Chair
374.Complete Coca Cola Twin Bedding Set
Includes: Dust ruffle, fitted sheet, pillow case, pillow sham, sheet, bedspread/comforter
375.2 Very Large Signed Prints by John Hulse. The Fountain and Boraque Doorway
Approx. 47.5" x 33"
376.Large, Heavy Mirror
Approx. 39" x 41"
377.Another Large, Heavy Mirror
Approx 39" x 41"
378.Vintage Wood Framed Solid Mirror
Approx. 48" x 21.5"
379.3 Vintage Solid Wood Pieces
Craft/DIY pieces. Approx. 42" x 15"
380.Vintage 4 Pane Window
Approx. 24.5" x 22". One of the pieces of glass is out
381.Another Vintage 4 Pane Window
Approx. 32" x 24.5". One of the pieces of glass is out and a corner is coming apart.
382.Yamaha Speakers and Sub
Powers on
383.Burly Shocks for Motorcycle
new in box
384.Pair of Harley Davidson Exhaust Pipes
385.4 Frames of Different Sizes
12" x 16" and 3-14" x 18"
386.Metal Utility Box
387.Assortment of Painting Utensils
388.Campbell Hausfeld Paint Sprayer and Wagner Paint Sprayer Pneumatic
389.2 Frames
One is for school pictures 1-12. the other does not have glass
390.2 Decorative Hanging Crosses
391.3 Frames of Different Sizes
392.Frames and a Letter K
393.Solid Vintage Hard Rock Maple Chest of Drawers
very good condition. Approx. 38" wide, 30.25" deep, and 50" tall
394.Solid Vintage Hard Rock Maple Dresser with Mirror
very good conditon. Approx. 68" wide, 20.5" deep, and 35" tall. Mirror is 50.5" wide and 36.75" tall
395.Tempered Glass New Cutting Board
12" x 16"
396.Telescoping Gutter Cleaner to Hook to Water Hose
nozzles is adjustable
397.2 Paris Themed King Size Pillow Shams
398.Independence Ironstone Pitcher with Lid Made in Japan and Red Glass Vase
399.Vintage Heavy Amber Glass Ashtray
400.Vintage Glass Egg Tray
401.Assortment of Wicker Baskets
402.Another Assortment of Wicker Baskets
403.Assortment of Wicker Baskets
404.2 Wicker Baskets
405.2 Bowls / Casserole Dishes 1 Marked Glasbake
406.9" Anchor Hocking 1 Qt. Casserole Dish with Lid
407.Green Decorative Bowl and Flower Print Plate
408.Cricut Expression in Box
has with it: 4 cartridges, new needle, paperwork, Vinyl/paper, USB cord and power cord. Powers on
409.Pyle Soundbar
works. The front plastic on the face is coming loose but just cosmetic
410.11 Place Setting China Set From Japan
11 dinner plates, 11 dessert plates, 11 saucers, 11 cups
411.Three Strands Of Christmas Lights
One green, one red, one multicolored, All work
412.4 Large Light up Snowflakes
All four work
413.Assorted Christmas Decor Including M&M Nutcracker, Bell Wreath and More
414.5 Vintage Fruit Jars Of Assorted Brands
415.3 Vintage Atlas Fruit Jars
416.3 Vintage Kerr Brand Fruit Jars
417.2 Vintage Lighting Brand Fruit Jars
418.2 Vintage Queen Brand Fruit Jars
419.2 Vintage Knox Brand Fruit Jars
420.2 Decorative Glass Bowls
421.4 Blue Short Tumbler Glasses And 3 Stemless Wine Glasses
422.4 Tall Blue Wine Glasses
423.5 Shot Glasses, 2 From The Bahamas, 2 From Reno, And 1 From Margaritaville
424.4 Blue Tumbler Glasses And Large Serving Plate
425.4 Decorative Liquor Decanters
426.3 Decorative Liquor Decanters
427.Elna Primula 410 Sewing Machine
Good working condition, recently serviced
428.Vintage Lacey Wedding Dress
429.Vintage Wooden Dresser
31" Tall, 40" Wide, 17.5" Deep. Bottom two drawers are false. They do not open.
430.Antique Heavy Wicker Rocking Chair with Burlap Covered Cushions
35" Tall, 30" Wide.
431.Small Vintage Metal Fan
not tested
432.Vintage Emerson Electric Metal Fan from 1940s
not tested
433.5 Jig Saw Puzzles
434.Small Jars with Chalk Fronts for Herbs And Spices In Red Basket
435.Three Longaberger Wood Crafts Food Baskets
436.Rangers Memorabilia Including 4 Pennants and Nolan Ryan PVC Flag/Banner
437.5 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles
438.3 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles And 1 750 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
439.1 "Be Nice or Just Leave" Sign on Rustic Barnwood and "Do One Thing Everyday" Sign on Canvas
440."My Greatest Blessings..." Wooden Sign
441."Blessed Are Those Who Spoil..." Sign on Wood
442."Living Life" Poem in Rustic Frame by Bonnie Mohr
443."No Matter What..." Sign on Wood
444.Framed and Matted Compass Sign
445."Goodbyes Are Not Forever..." Framed Print
446.Boomer Esiason Autographed Picture
Matted but not framed. Mat is messed up a little. Autograph is not authenticated
447.Lot of 8 Frames and 2 Signed Prints
448.Piper Super Cub 95 Balsa Wood Flying Airplane Model Kit
seems to be unused
449.5 Light Metal Hanging Light Fixture
untested. Approx. 20" tall and 22" wide
450.Metal Ammo Box with Contents
451.Mickey Mantle and Joe Dimaggo Sports Figures
452.Receiving Hitch with 2" Ball
453.1967 Kennedy Half Dollar
454.1893 V Nickel
455.1929S Standing Liberty Quarter
456.1961,1962D,1963D,1964,1964D,1968S, and 1969S Jefferson Nickels
457.1944,1944S1945,1945S,1946,1947D,1948,1949,1949D Penny
458.1902,1903,1904 Indian Head Cent
459.1906,1907,1909 Indian Head Cent
460.Pink Checked Baby Blanket That Folds Into Carry Case
50" x 45" when spread out. 12" x 12" when zipped up in carry case
461.8 Chair Cushions
Maroon cushions are 16" deep x 17.5" wide. Striped cushions are 12.5" x 14.5"
462.Margaritaville Roll Up Throw
Approx 52" x 45"
463.Wilson Golf Umbrella and Clear Dome Shaped Umbrella
Polka dot one in background not included
464.Small Umbrella and Large Polka Dot Umbrella
465.Worx Electric Vacuum and Blower Combo
466.Vintage 2 Burner Stove / Grill
Look this one up. Just the burner pieces are worth $$$
467."Barn Sale" Sign on Vintage Barnwood
468.2 Large Hanging Wall Pieces
Approx 36" x 12"
469.18 Sheets of 1976 Bicentenial Stickers
470.Vintage Tall Glass Window
Approx 63" x 16 2/16
471.3 Piece Large Plastic Doll House
Approx 36" tall and 51" wide
472.Metal Side Table with Added Wooden Piece on Top
Approx 18" tall, 21.75" x 15"
473.Solid Heavy Hand Made Box with Lid
Approx 19" tall, 23" x 23"
474.Large Smart Bin Plastic Tub/Storage
Approx 17" tall, 40" x 27". Has a couple of small cracks in top.
475.Central Pneumatic 2 HP Pancake Air Compresser
Powers on
476.GT Express 101 Omelet Maker
warmed up
477.Wooden Rolling Pin
478.Rustic Smaller Pulley with Hook
479.3 Vintage Metal Door Knobs
480.2 Antique Skates with Leather Straps
Not a matching pair
481.Soft Laptop Bag and a Purse
482.3 Ball Caps
483.3 Assorted Womens Hats
484.Assortment of Jewelry Pieces
485.2 Denim Seat and Back Cushions for Chair
486.Patriotic Bell and Godinger Silver Trinket Box
487.Metal Fruit Basket
488.Metal Western Themed Trash Can
Approx 11.5" tall
489.2 Vera Bradley Cloth Makeup Bags
490.Large Crock Pot Insert With Lid.
Can be used for deep casserole dish. Approx. 5" tall, 14."
491.Vintage Jewelry Box with Contents
492.Vintage One Touch Home Electrolysis Hair Removing Tool In Box
493.Vintage Green Glass Pedestal on Metal Base
One foot is broke off as shown. Does not effect the steadiness of piece
494.Green Candy Dish with Lid and Fruit Dish on Pedestal from Indiana Glass Co.
495.Assorted Glassware
496.Glass Fruit Bowl with Wicker Handle
497.Heavy Ceramic Fruit Bowl on Pedestal
498.Large Awinita Porcelean Doll with Papoose. Very Elaborate and Detailed Outfit.
My pictures do not do this doll justice. Must see to appreciate
499.Shakoha Porcelean Doll in Indian Attire
dress has stains
500.Kiona Porceleain Doll in Very Detailed and Elaborate Attire
Approx 23" tall
501.Clay Pottery From New Mexico
502.New Health O Meter Manual Bathroom Scale
503.Wicker Planter, Wicker Basket, and Metal Recipe Holder
504.Wicker Basket with Cotton Lining
Approx 19.5" x 14.5"
505.Single Globe Hanging Light Fixture with Glass Shade/Globe
Globe is approx. 12" diameter. Chain in approx 42"
506.10 candle light Fixture with Shade
Shade is missing trim but would be pretty without shade
507.Silk / Plastic Vegetable Garden in Wooden Wine Crate
Crate is approx 20" x 13.5". One corner needs to be nailed back
508.Vintage Wooden Butter Press
509.2 Vintage Scripto Butane Lighters
510.Vintage Hand Carved Wooden Box
Approx 6.25" x 5.5"
511.Old Wooden Liquor Box from the Old Prentice Distillery Lawrenceburg, Kentucky
Approx 4.5" tall, 10" x 4"
512."81 Natural Cures" Paperback Book
513.Large Double Pane Glass for Window
Approx 45" x 30"
514.Vera Bradley Cloth Purse
515.La Dolce Vita by Home Essentials Pitcher and Dish with Lid
516.Rolling "Paper Studio" Craft Bag with Extendable Handle for Rolling
30" tall, 19" x 12" deep
517.2 Receiver Hitches. 1 has a 2" ball and the other has 2-5/16"
518.Receiving Hitch with a 2" ball
519.Beautiful Antique Sideboard / Side by Side
Has a few minor issues due to age. Approx. 48" tall, 48" long and 15.5" deep
520.Playmobil Sherrif's Office from Germany
Consignor bought these in Germany in the early '80's. Great Condition.
521.Silver Plated Pitcher, Sugar and Creamer with Spoon
522.Large Silver Plated Serving Tray
523.Plain Black Metal Serving Tray with Currier & Ives American Homestead Spring Metal Tray Insert
524.2 Cavalier Ironstone Royal China Plates
525.Rustic Metal Sunflower with Base
the base has come loose but can be put back on. Approx. 72" tall. Flower is approx. 22.5" across. The base is approx. 16" diameter
526.Graco Spraystation 1900 Portable Paint Sprayer
powers on. Hose from paint bottle is approx. 72" long
527.Reliance Plastic 6 Gallon Water Container
looks new
528.2 Plastic Chicken Waterers
529.3 Chicken Waterers
530.1 Chicken Feeder and 1 Chicken Waterer
531.2 Plastic Chicken Feeders
532.Wireless Charger
looks new. Consignor said they had this for their Samsung phone
533.Coleman Campstove Oven, New in Box
534.New Cabela's Tent Floor Saver
This protects the tent from rocks and other items that might damage it. Fits 6 person tent. 144" x 120"
535.O2-Cool Battery Operated Fan and a Dorcy Focusing Lamp
536.Coleman 1 Burner Propane Camp Stove
537.O2-Cool Battery Operated Fan, Roll of Bungee Cord no hooks, Tent Stakes an Camo Cord
538.2 Packs of Light Sticks, Neat Sheet, 2 Ditty Bags
Neat sheet is 57" x 77".
539.Off Powerpad Refills, Off Deep Woods Spray, Fire Starters
540.22 8" Glass Plates
541.2 Extension Cords
Yellow is heavy duty and approx. 25' long. Orange one looks like a 100'.
542.2 Extension Cords and a Grabber
one seems to be a 100', the red one is approx. 25'
543.Yellow Extension Cord
Approx 25'
544.Rocky Size 13 Boots, Look New
545.15 Cotton Lavender Napkins
546.18 Cloth Snowman Napkins
547.20 100% Cotton Autumn Napkins
548.12 Cloth Black Napkins
549.11 Blue Checkered Cloth Napkins
550.16 Red Checkered Cloth Napkins
551.8 Gold Cloth Napkins
552.New in Package Napkins
553.New in Box Adjustable Metal Bed Frame
Fits Twin, Full, and Queen
554.Glass Chess Board and Chess Set Complete
Board is wood and pieces are plastic
555.Spode Chivas Liquor Bottle From England with Bag
556.2 Large Red Plastic Trays
557.Small Metal Bucket
558.10 Glass Mugs / Coffee / Tea Cups
559.Whimsical Wine Plate and a Cross Wrapped in Metal Bands
560.Large Star Fish and Other Shells
561.Lot of Different Shells
562.Assortment of Shells and Coral
563.2 Large Shells
564.1 Large Star Fish and 1 Smaller
565.Vintage Willow Branch Loveseat
Very sturdy. Approx. 42" high, 51" wide and 25" deep
566.Rustic Metal Milk Can
Heavy. Bottom is rusted through in one place
567.Battery Operated 18v Skil Saw
Has charger and 2 batteries. It powers on
568.Porter Cable Electric Skil Saw
Untested. The cord is frayed
569.Sears Electric Drill
Untested. The cord is frayed
570.Porter Cable Electric Tiger Saw
Powers on. Has one place where wires are exposed
571.Electric Black And Decker Drill
Powers on
572.Electric Black And Decker Sander
Powers on
573.Chicago Heat Gun
574.Chicago Electric Drill
575.Porter Cable Pnuematic Nail Gun
576.Large Porter Cable Pnuematic Nail Gun
Untested. Has Broken Driver printed on it
577.Corner Lighted Curio Cabinet / Hutch with Glass Shelves
Glass Shelves included but not pictured. Approx 76" tall, 16" deep, 18.25" wide
578.2 Piece Lighted China Cabinet / Hutch with Glass Shelves
Glass Shelves included but not pictured. Bottom piece is approx. 36" tall, 58" x 17.25". The top is approx. 45.5" tall, 55.5" x 15"

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