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Bed & Breakfast Treasures Online Auction, Part 1 - Friday, June 26, 2020 - Thursday, July 2, 2020 Begins Closing at 7:00 p.m. at the rate of 4 items per minute.

Item Description
1.Vintage Hand Mixer/Beater And Vintage Wonder Shredder Grater
2.Vintage Sifter And Vintage Bundt Cake Pan
3.Vintage Glass Jar Full Of Sewing And Crocheting Supplies
Includes buttons, hand-crocheted doilies, and more.
4.2 Vintage Metal Dicamillo Bakery Tins
5.1916 Sterling Silver Delaware State Shoot Trophy
6.3 Vintage Bottles: W. B. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin, Lyric Prescription, & Gerber's Olive Oil
7.4 Decorative Bottles, One Full Of Popcorn
8.Vintage Decorative Tea Pot with Metal Handle
9.Vintage Champagne and Ice Bucket Salt And Pepper Shakers
International Silver Company
10.Decorative Metal & Wicker Basket With Fake Fruit
11.Vintage Metal & Wooden Shelf
This is about 18" wide.
12.2 Silver Plated 2000 Champagne Goblets, 1 2000 Glass Goblet
13.3 Hanging Metal Plates, Two Decorative Wine Themed Plates, & Vintage Wooden Pepper Grinder
14.Little Pig Shaped Brass Candle Holder, White Ceramic Pig
15.2 Black Wine Glasses And 4 Wine Themed Coasters
16.Wicker Wine Basket, Wine Stopper, Wine Bottle Fridge Magnet
Wine bottle not included.
17.Vintage Wooden Rolling Pin
18.3 Copper Hanging Pans
Approx. 25.5 long, 16.5 long, 13.5 long
19.Wood And Wicker Shelf
Approx. 13" wide, 14" Tall
20.2 Carved Wooden Mugs And Bowl
Bowl has cracks as shown in photo.
21.Fireman Picture Frame
Approx. 15.5" wide 10" tall. Fire ax came unglued, could easily be glued back on
22.Lovelace Silver Plated Bon Bon Dish & 4 Unused Palette Light Candles by Alda Candles
23.Vintage Glass Lampshade
Approx. 16" tall
24.Signed Vintage N. Schneeman Print, Vintage Foil Print, and Other
25.Several Vintage Christmas Ornaments
26.Vintage Assorted Jewelry
Most are clip on earrings.
27.Plastic Base Round Table
Approx. 21.5" tall and 18" diameter
28.Vintage Wooden Pedestal Table
Approx. 22" tall and 25" diameter
29.Metal Folding Hanging Wall Shelf
Approx. 32" tall, 17.5" wide and 9" deep
30.Heavy Iron Vintage Plant Stand
31.New Santec Fluid Imagination Faucet Stems
you need to jump on this deal
32.Bronze Finish Heavy Kitchen Pot Filler, New in Box
33.Solid Brass 4 Tier Plate Holder
34.Silver Rose in Vase, Metal Covered Dish with Lid, and More
35.4 Brass Decorative Plates
Have some tarnish as shown in picture.
36.4 Tall Metal Candle Holders
Tallest ones are approx. 22" and the smaller one is approx. 16"
37.Vintage Porcelain Towel Holder and Soap Dish for Bathroom
38.Stone Egg Shaped Decor Piece
39.Vintage Metal Water Sprinkler
40.Plastic Crystal Rocks and Iridescent Flat Rocks
41.Black Quartz Rocks & 4 Iridescent Rocks with Dream, Hope, Magic, and Angel
42.Vintage Gold Rimmed Frame with Glass, Other Vintage Frame Without Glass
43.Vintage Needlepoint Oriental Scene on Canvas
Paper backing is torn due to age.
44.Vintage Mother Wall Plaque and Niagara Falls Hanging Wall Plate
45.New PowerShot Pro Staple Gun with Staples
46.Vintage Fitz & Floyd Omnibus Jolly Ol' Santa Cookie Jar
Some paint coming off because of age.
47.Heavy Vintage Pewter Christmas Tree Candle Holder
48.Godinger Silver Plated Crystal Centerpiece Bowl Stand and Glass Pedestal Dish
49.3 Vintage Necklaces of Various Lengths
50.Birch Wood Carving, in Original Package
51.Large Vase with Silk Orchid & Tiny Bird Flower Arrangement
52.Vintage Brass and Crystal Lamp
Tested and works. Approx. 33" tall
53.Vintage Brass and Crystal Lamp
Tested and works.
54.Vintage King Whiskey Jug
55.3 Unique Cross Wall Hangings
56.Set of 5 Silver Rimmed Frosted Band Leaf Design Coupe Glasses
Have to see to appreciate
57.Set of 5 Silver Rimmed Coupe Glasses
58.Misc. Glassware: 2 are Atlantis Hand Blown Lead Crystal & the Other is Etched in Roumania
59.Vintage Austrian Etched Glass Chilled Wine Decanter
60.Vintage Perfume Atomizer
61.Etched Glass Decanter Made in Roumania
62.Assortment of Glass Bells and Plastic Ornaments
63.2 Vintage Lamp Crystals
64.Assorted Christmas Decor Including Candles
65.Assorted Silver Plated Platters and Dish Plus Metal Frame to Vanity Mirror
66.Black Poodle Stackable Tea Pot And Creamer from Japan
67.Vintage Vogue Flower Holder in Original Packaging
68.Wooden Mugs Hanger And Decorative Pie Design Dish
69.2 Primitive Stone / Clay Angel Candlestick Holders
70.6 Lace Edge Milk Glass Sherbert Dishes and 1 Larger One
71.Beautiful Vintage Large Ornate Hanging Light Fixture
Works, Approx 30", Chain Approx. 12 Ft.
72.Assorted Halloween Decor
73.Metal 3 Tiered Corner Shelf
52" Tall 12" Deep
74.Vintage Brass Telephone
75.2 Metal Candlesticks with Crystals and Italian Marble Base
76.Vintage Way-Right Household Scale
77.Pig Decor
Crack on stacked pigs shown in picture
78.Vintage Tiered Wooden Staggered Spiral Shelves
Approx. 49" Tall, 18" Wide
79.2 Metal 3-Tiered Plate Stands
Approx. 20.5 Inches Tall
80.Metal And Wicker Basket
81.Vintage Metal Turkey Plant Holder
82.Vintage Round Metal Plant Holder
83.5 Cut Glass Stemmed Glasses, 1 Small Cut Glass Flower Vase, and Cut Glass Coaster
84.Three Cut Glass Brandy Snifters
85.Assorted Glassware
86.5 Crown Potteries Cups And Saucers with Gold Designs
87.Curtain Tassels And Flower Arrangement Picks
88.Heavy Bookends
89.Vintage Beaded Shoes And Beaded Belt
90.Vintage Corde Clutch Purse
91.Vintage Jewelry Box and Trinket Boxes
92.2000 Millennium Sequined Purse
93.Vintage Cheese Grater and Vintage High Heel Salt And Pepper Shakers
94.2000 Metal Champagne Glass And Candlestick Holder
95.Chandelier Jewels, Crystals
Candle Holder is about 9" long, Other small one is about 13" tall
96.Itty Bitty Book Light
Not Tested, Takes 4 C Battery's
97.Decorative Beaded Decor, 1 Being a Tea Light Candle Holder and 1 a Scarf
98.Christmas Cooking Set Cookie Cutters, Hot Pad & Silicone Spatula
99.Copper Grapes and Pig Decor
100.Christmas Santa Paws Pillow & 2 Funny Stockings
101.Small Vintage Beaded Shade Lamp
Works, Approx 30", Chain Approx. 12 Ft.
102.Brass Garden Bells
They make beautiful wind chime type sound
103.2 Monogrammed "M" Smoky Colored Glasses
104.Set of 4 Etched Leaf Design Stemmed Champagne or Fruit Coupes
105.Another Set of 4 Etched Leaf Design Stemmed Champagne or Fruit Coupes
106.Assorted Lot of Glassware, Some Etched & Some Silver Lined
107.Hand Made Glass Orb, Made in Poland
108.2 Silver Plated Dishes and 4 Decorative Glass Balls
The Pedestal Dish has Needlework in the Center
109.Silver Plated Footed Pitcher
110.9 Style House China Hanging Plates with Designs in Center
Includes 7 hangers. One of the center inserts has come unglued
111.Tall Wire Frame Silver Christmas Tree and Wooden Snow Capped Letter W
Approx. 30" tall
112.Vintage Santa in Sled with Reindeer & Midget Christmas Tree Hangers in Original Box
113.Vintage Plastic Santa, Sleigh, and Reindeer
114.Lot of Glittery Christmas Ornaments and One Diamond Ornament in Wrapper
115.Lot of Assorted Leaf Design Christmas Ornaments
116.Leaf Design Garland
Approx.5' in length
117.Lot of Assorted Christmas Ornaments and New Ribbon.
118.WM Rogers Silver Plated Butter Knives and a Rose Handle Stainless Steel Spoon
119.Large Regency Service Fork and 4 Relish Forks
120.Hampton Silversmiths Assorted Lot of Flatware
Very Sturdy
121.3 Metal Candle Sticks
Taller one is approx. 21" and the other is approx. 19"
122.Ceramic Candle Holder, Metal Finial / Ring Holder, & Clay Angle Candle Holder
123.4 Nesting Assorted Size Copper / Brass Bowls
Made in Korea
124.1 - 8" Copper Pan with Lid and Copper Mold
125.Copper: 5.5" Sautee Pan with Lid, 7" Sautee Pan with Lid and a 8.5" Ring Pan
126.Vintage 8.5" Round Pyrex Dish
127.8" Copper Sauce Pan and Copper Seasoning Dispenser
128.Old Style Telephone That Has Been Gutted
Approx. 13" tall, 8" wide and 8.5" deep
129.Vintage Metal 3 Shelf Rolling Storage Cart with 2 Plug Electrical
Approx.31" tall, 25" wide and 15" deep. Electrical works
130.Wooden Hanging Wall Shelf with Metal Braces
Approx. 48" long and 7.5" deep
131.Home Stoneware Oval 17" x 12" Platter and Decorative Flower Made with Paper
132.Vintage Brass Desk Lamp
It works.
133.Vintage Salt Shaker Made into Angel and Vontage Progressus Stainless Egg Slicer
134.Assortment of Candle Holders
135.2 Silver Plated Potpourri / Candle Holders Made in Japan
136.Wooden Spindle and Metal Ornament Piece
137.Heavy Metal and Wicker Hall Tree/Bakers Rack with Glass Shelves
Glass shelves are included but not pictured. Approx. 81" tall, 28.5" wide and 13" deep
138.Antique Small Sideboard
Approx. 39" tall, 35" x 18" deep
139.Triangle Wooden Lamp Table
Has one bad spot as shown in picture. Approx. 25" tall, 25" x 22"
140.Heavy Ornate Iron Gate Panels
Approx. 72" tall and 15" wide xx 2
141.5 Assorted Sizes of Picture Frames with 1 or 2 Vintage
142.3 Vintage Frames with Needlepoint and Flower Print
143.Metal Star and a Small Shadow Box
144.Vintage Glass Ice Bucket in Stand with 6 Vintage Glasses
145.Vintage Glass Fleur de Lis Design Salad Bowl and Vintage Decorative Glass
146.Vintage Glass Platter
147.Silver Plated Trivet with Legs, Kitchen Coaster, and Foreign Small Plate
148.Glass Vase and 2 Ceramic Trinket Boxes
149.New 3 Hole Punch
150.7 Packages of 9 Scented Tea Candles
151.2 Metal Pumpkin Tea Lite Candle Holders
The bigger one has a prong broken but easily fixed
152.Set of 4 Graduating Stemmed Glass Candle Holders and Other
153.4 Vintage Stemmed Glasses
154.Pottery Cow
155.Set of 25th Anniversary Tray & Cup Plus 1 Glass Embelished Relish Dish
156.Brass and Glass Vase Filled with Glass Beads
157.Resin Tall Candle Stick with Mirror Inlays
158.4 Vintage Glass Cut Glass Dinner Plates and Cut Glass Relish Tray
159.Large Heavy Cutting Board and Kitchen Prayer Wall Hanging
160.Set of 3 Vintage Plates of Various Sizes
Small oval has stamp
161.Large Vintage Amber Glass Vase
162.Brass Look 3 Tier Plant / Candle Holder
Approx. 64" tall
163.Vintage Vinyl Ottoman with Storage
needs some work. Approx. 17" high, 24" wide, and 14.5" deep
164.Metal and Wicker CD Holder
Will hold about 25 CD's. Approx. 32" tall
165.Metal, Wood & Wicker Swivel CD Holder
Will hold about 43 CD's. Approx. 39.5" tall
166.Vintage Black Another Thyme Size 1X Velour Blouse
167.Vintage Shelf on Metal Stand
Approx. 7.5" tall, 23" long and 5" deep
168.Vintage Set of 8 Heavy Thick Glass Stemmed Glasses
169.4 Vintage Heavy Thick Glass Dessert Dishes
170.Set of 5 Vintage Heavy Thick Glass Stemmed Mugs
171.Set of 2 Glass Cannisters. One has Coffee and the Other has Tea
172.Vintage Metal Mailbox
Approx. 10.5" long
173.Vintage Mail Box
Approx. 15" long
174.Set of 2 Vintage Half Circle Condiment Dishes
Approx. 12.75" across
175.Small 3 Tiered Metal Trays
Approx. 11" tall
176.Misc. Vintage Jewelry
177.2 Very Fancy "Blingy" Frames
178.5 Vintage Smaller Picture Frames
179.Decorative Wall Shelf
Approx. 15.5" long and 6.5" wide
180.Misc. Lot of Small Items Including Metal Mouse and Trap, Shell, Metal Bell
181.Another Lot of Small Items Including a Metal Dish and Other
182.Wicker Wall Shelf
Approx. 14" long and 4.75" deep
183.Antique Books
184.Glass Relish Tray and Monagramed L Glass Bowl
185.Lenox Dessert Plate and a Vintage Leaf Embossed Bowl
186.2 Vintage Pyrex Mixing Bowls and a Pie Plate
187.Vintage 1.5 Qt. Pyrex Baking Dish, Black with Snowflakes
188.8" Gladbake Pan and Anchor Hocking 9.5" x 13.5" Baking Dish
189.Pyrex 8.25" Pan, Pyrex Pie Pan and Other
190.Pyrex 13x9 Baking Dish and a Pyrex 8" x 8"
191.Large Pyrex 3 QT Oval Glass Dish
192.2 Replacement Glass Lids
193.Assortment of Aluminum Baking Pans, Some are Bakeware
194.Very Heavy Nordic Ware Rose Platinum Bundt Pan
195.Heavy Cut Glass Vase
196.Green Oval Platter and Chateau Souverain Plate
197.Fabreware Sauce Pan and 2 Copper Clad Sauce Pans
198.7 Vintage Cloth Napkins
199.3 Vintage Autumn Cloth Napkins
200.2 Vintage Metal Candle and Matchstick Holders
201.Vintage Cloth Table Cloth
Feels like Flower sack. Approx. 47" x 45". Has a small hole
202.Resin Mama Bird Feeding Her Babies
203.Ceramic Pig
204.Glass and Metal Base Vase
205.Large Metal Pumpkin
21" Tall, 22" wide
206.Meriden Quadruple Plate Silver Plated Tea Set From 1943
207.Vintage Metal / Silverplate? Box and 2 Antique Compacts
Monogrammed with "J"
208.Godinger Silver Art Co. Miniature Silver Tea Set
209.Hanging Metal Wind Chime
210.2 Very Large Cushioned Wicker Chairs
Heavy and sturdy. Cushions might need recovering but wicker is in great condition. Each is about 45" wide, 45" deep and 33" tall. NOTE: These are being sold at 2 times the money.
211.Very Large and Sturdy Vintage Wicker Sofa with Cushions
Cushions might need recovering but wicker is in great condition. It is about 94" long, 46" deep and 33" tall.
212.2 Vintage Round McGuire Sheaf-of-Wheat Style Glass Top End Tables
Look these up. $$$ These are about 17-1/2" diameter and 20-1/2" tall. NOTE: These are being sold at 2 times the money.
213.Large Vintage Round McGuire Sheaf-of-Wheat Style Glass Top Coffee Table
Look this up. $$$ This is about 35" diameter and 20-1/2" tall.
214.3 Vintage Liquor Decanters
215.Copper Pumpkin Halloween Decoration
216.3 Vintage Liquor Decanters
They have liquid soap in them.
217.4 Decorative Letters, L, I, K, E
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218.3 Vintage Liquor Decanters
They have soap or candle wax in them.
219.Light Metal Picture Frame
Approx. 16" Tall 14"Wide
220.4 Tiny Sterling Silver Bowls With Salt Spoons
221.1 Vintage Gravy Boat on Platter and 1 On Wooden Handle
Might be silver/silver plated.
222.Vintage Punch Bowl Ladle
Might be silver/silver plated.
223.Vintage Hand Made Baby Shoes
224.Small Painted Wooden Box
225.2 Metal Cup Holders
226.Assorted Kitchen Utensils
227.3 Decorative Metal Fixtures, 1 Includes Glass Doorknob
228.Vintage Music Stand or Cookbook Stand and Metal 3-Tiered Hanger
229.Beaded Lamp
Not Tested
230.Large Heavy Sturdy Woven Lamp Shade
It is about 26" diameter.
231.Ornate Standing Clock
Could not get it to work.
232.Vintage Silver Plated And Glass Serving Trays
233.Two Vintage Ornate Mirrors
234.Long Black Serving Tray
235.Gallon Paint Size Can Filled with Old Vintage Casters
236.Unique Vase, Tulip Tile Trivet on Stand and Silver Plated Heart Shaped Trinket Box
237.Glass Pitcher Hand Crafted and Mouth Blown in Poland
238.Vintage Silver Rimmed Etched Glass Pitcher
239.Unique Vintage Amber Vase on Pedestal
240.Distressed Vintage Wooden Chair
241.Distressed Vintage Folding Leaf Wooden Farm Table
One leaf need to be fastened back on. Approx. 30" tall, 36" long and 20" wide. Each leaf is 9" deep
242.Vintage Westinghouse Roaster with Metal Cabinet.
Has Book and electrical Plug. Approx. 40" tall and 14" wide
243.Black Shabby Chic Fabric Rag Rug
Approx. 39" x 25"
244.Graduating Silver Base Glass Vase
245.Vintage Glass Pitcher with Silver / Silverplate Top
246.Large Uniquely Shaped Glass Vase
247.Large Glass Candle Holder on Tall Pedestal
Approx. 16" tall
248.2 Gibson Housewares China Plates
249.Sticla Glass Bell Dome Cover
Made in Romania
250.Large Etched Glass Dome Cover
Approx. 14" tall. Has 2 small chips on bottom as shown in photo.
251.3 Glass Beaded Nesting Plates Made by 10 Strawberry Street in Germany
252.3 Unique Pieces of Gold Etched Glassware Dishes
253.Vintage Metal Hanging Light
Approx. 39" long and 14" wide
254.Vintage Glass Pitcher with Gold Toned Metal Accents
255.Vintage Glass Vase with Flower Etching
256.Resin Stocking or Other Decor Holders
257.Trifold Wrought Iron Decor Piece
One section is disconnected from other two.
258.Whimsical Metal Bathroom Decor with Basket & Towel Rod
Approx. 19" long and 25" wide
259.Metal Bird and 2 Bird Nest Decorative Piece
260.Vintage Brass Pitcher Made in Italy
261.Vintage Long, Narrow Mirror
262.Vintage Wooden Pedestal Tray with Domed Lid
263.9 Glass Small Lantern Tea Candle Holders
264.Copper Aebleskiver Pan
265.Minature Pig, Framed Newspaper Article From State Fair 1905, and Rustic Framed Pig Picture
266.Framed Vintage Frosted Glass
267.Vintage Tin Filled with Skinny Candles
268.2 Large Ornate Black Heavy Plastic Fan Wall Hangings
269.2 Large Ornate Gold Heavy Plastic Fan Wall Hangings
270.1 Large Ornate Black Heavy Plastic Fan Wall Hanging
271.Trifold Wicker and Metal Partition / Decor
Approx. 91" tall and each section is approx. 17.5" wide
272.Wicker and Metal Trifold Plant Stand for 6 Plants
Each section is approx. 17" wide and 84" tall.
273.Vintage Double Wooden Lamp with Cut Glass Shades
It works. Approx. 58" tall and 18" wide
274.Vintage Wooden White with Pink Table
Approx. 26.5" tall and 26" diameter
275.Wicker and Metal Basket
Approx. 28.5" tall
276.Vintage Hampton Silversmith Stainless Steel Flatware
277.Tall Stackable Light Metal Serving Platter
Approx. 27" tall. Comes apart for storage
278.Music Themed Wall Hangings Featuring The Busts Of Bach And Beethoven
279.Small Assorted Decorative Signs
280.Vintage White Milk Glass Pedestal Dishes or Candle Holders
281.Vintage White Milk Glass Pedestal Dish and Covered Lace Dish
Lid has small chip.
282.Unique Vintage Milk Glass Pedestal Fruit Stand / Bread Basket
283.Commemorative 2000 Champagne Glasses
284.4 Mugs and 2 Smaller Mugs
285.Metal And Wicker Stand
Approx. 17.5" Tall
286.Metal And Wicker Plant Stand
Approx. 19" Tall
287.Metal And Wicker Plant Basket
Approx. 19" Tall
288.Wicker Basket
Approx. 17" Tall
289.Brass "Letters" Mail Slot and Rest Room Ladies & Gentlemen Signs
290.Metal Plant Stand
Approx. 23.5" Tall
291.Tall Wooden Plant Stand
Approx. 23.5" Tall
292.Tall Wooden Candle Stand
Approx. 28" Tall
293.Metal Banana Stand, Metal Pan & Plate with Fruit Design
294.Lots of Assorted Candles And Candle Holders
295.2 Lead Crystal Glasses
296.4 Black Stemmed Wine Glasses
297.Vintage Metal Basket for Fruit or Decor
298.Wooden Wall Hangings for Coffee Mugs and Towels
299.Assorted Glassware Including Tall Bottle with Glass Stopper and More
300.Vintage Glass Platter and Glass Bowl
Maybe use for centerpieces
301.Lamp With Clamp
Works, Bulb Not Included
302.VintageMetal Desk Lamp
Works Well
303.Etched Glass Heart Shaped Ornament
It is about 3-1/2"
304.Miscellaneous Christmas Decor including Santa Blow Mold
Santa Lights Up, New String Lights Untested
305.Assorted Picture Frames And Clock
Clock Not Tested
306.Vintage Holmes & Edwards Inlaid Silverware By International Silver CO.
307.Vintaqe Metal Christmas Tree Candlestick Holder
308.Cold Faucet Pot Filler
309.Lamp Base
310.2 Glass Dishes with Gold Decorations
311.Glass Platter wih Gold Decor and 2 Glass Coasters / Candy Dishes
312.Hanging Shadow Box And Standing Picture Frame
313.Assorted Shelves And Sign Plus 2 Rolls of Wallpaper Trim
314.2 Vintage Stackable Glass Cake Stands
315.3 Vintage Decorative Plates from Germany
316.3 Pieces of Kessington Fine China, Victoria Pattern
317.2 Vintage Glass Frogs For Floral Arrangements
318.Another 2 Vintage Glass Frogs For Floral Arrangements
319.Another 2 Vintage Glass Frogs For Floral Arrangements
320.1 Vintage Glass Frog and 1 Glass Coaster / Candy Dish
321.4 Frosted Wine Glasses with Funny Celebrity Quotes
322.Assortment of Stainless Steel Vintage Knives & Cake Server, Including Rogers Bros.
323.Another Lot of Assorted Vintage Knives
324.Vintage Sta-Brite Forks and Knives
325.Vintage Macrame Hanging Globe Light Fixture
It works. Looks like wires have been taped. Approx. 13" diameter
326.Ceiling Mount Light Fixture Wired to a Plug
It works. Approx. 15.5" diameter
327.Hanging 3 Light Bulb Light Fixture Wired to a Plug
It works. Approx. 16" diameter. Hanger is approx. 30" long
328.Tall Gold Colored Table Lamp
It works. Approx. 31" tall
329.Beautiful Vintage Glass and Brass Table Lamp
Untested because of wiring. Approx. 26" tall
330.Vintage Heavy Pottery Lamp
It works. Approx. 38" tall
331.Tall Metal Candle Holder / Bird Feeder
Approx. 36" tall and the top is approx. 7" diameter
332.Vintage Wooden Chair
333.Glass And Silverplated Coasters
334.Brass or Copper Colored Tea Pot
335.Decorative Lock Plate Fixtures and Spider Themed Drawer/Door Knob
336.Painted Wooden Trinket Box And Decorative Finial
337.Inspirational Hanging Tiles and Mug Hanger
338.Unique Vintage Metal And Glass Candlestick Holders
339.2 Fancy Candle Holders
340.3 Brass Candle Holders
One missing crystal as shown in picture
341.Glass Candle Holders And Glass Ball with Bubbles Inside
342.Glass Wasp Catcher Jar
343.Vintage Ceramic Dishes
344.Copper Tea Pot with Bell Inside Lid
The lid is also a bell
345.Colonial English Ironstone Cream or Gravy Dish and Ginger Jar from Japan
346.Lidded Dish and Teapot Designed Candle Holder
347.Round Pyrex Glass Ovenware / Pie Plate and More
348.2 Beaded Plant Holders and Metal Lamp Shaped Candle Stick Holder
349.Vintage Tiny Picture Frames With Old Photos
350.Heavy Marble Ball on Pewter Stand, Made In India
351.4 Silver Rimmed Plates
352.Assorted Plates
353.Giant Wine Glass
Approx. 20" Tall
354.Large Unique Glass Vase
Approx. 20" Tall
355.Vintage Silverplated Trinket Tray Filled With Hand Soaps And Heart Shaped Shells
356.Vintage Enzo Ladies Boots
in Great Condition, size unknown
357.2 Giant Margarita Glasses
Approx. 12" Tall
358.Large Cut Glass, Silver Rimmed Bowl
359.Silverplated Frame or Plate Stand and Glass Ornament
360.Ceramic Statuette Of Lady
361.Metal Tin And Wooden Trinket Box
362.Gold Picture Frame And Cross Decor
Approx. 19" Tall, 16" Wide
363.Antique Michael Howard Wool Ladies Hat with Feathers & More
364.Silverplated Decor
365.Assorted Chandelier Gems
366.Large Candle with Brass Ring Around Top
367.Romertopf Clay Baker, Top & Bottom
368.Set Of 3 Bowls
Crack in 3rd bowl completely sealed as shown in picture
369.2 Oven Proof Dishes, Made in Japan
370.2 Wooden Pumpkin Shaped Containers
371.4 Colorful Plastic Glasses
372.3 Blue California Pantry Ceramic Plates
373.Wooden Wall Shelf
374.Assortment of Different Dessert Plates, Bavaria Germany and Others
375.Pineapple Shaped Candle Holders
At least 2 are Godinger Silver
376.2 Really Nice Wicker Shelves with Glass Shelves
Glass in included but not pictured. NOTE: These are being sold at 2 times the money. Approx. Approx. 35" wide, 17.5" deep, and 74.5" tall
377.Vintage Wooden Sofa Table
Approx. 53.5" wide, 17.5" deep and 30" tall
378.Vintage Wooden 2 Drawer Box Filled with Vintage Hair Accessories
Includes some cool old-style metal curlers. Bottom drawer is fake, does not open.
379.Vintage Sterling Noble Clock Company Battery Operated Clock
380.Hand Blown Panda Christmas Ball Ornament, Tree Topper, and LED 3-Tier Candolier, New in Box
381.4 Lead Crystal Mugs
382.Vintage Large Concrete Lady lamp
It works. Has a couple of chips on bottom
383.Vintage Gold Tone Table Lamp with Shade
It works.
384.Small White and Brass Table Lamp
It works.
385.Vintage Brass and Green Table Lamp
It works.
386.Vintage Metal Pitcher Shaped Table Lamp
It has a chip out of the base. Would not turn on
387.Sturdy Hampton Silversmith Stainless Flatware Set
7 knives, 18 forks, 11 big forks, and misc
388.3 Plastic Halloween Signs
389.Beware Cloth Placemat and 3 New Flame Light Bulbs
390.Glass With Wire Mesh Cover Spritzer
Approx. 14" tall
391.2 Beaded Halloween Themed Chargers
392.Vintage Beaded Peacock Framed Picture
Approx. 26.5" x 20.25"
393.Vintage Hanging Ceramic 3 way Light Fixture
It works. Chain is approx. 11' long
394.2 Small Vintage Framed Foil Silhouettes
395.2 Plastic Rose Etched Plates on Stands
396.Cambridge Encyclopedia Fourth Edition
397.Vintage Glass Gold Rimmed Coffee Pot with Lid
398.Glass Leaf Etched Bottle with Heavy Glass Stopper
399.Vintage Etched Bottle
400.Assortment of Glassware Including Some Lead Crystal Stemmed Glasses, a Glass Bowl on Pedestal & More
401.4 Solid Brass Plates / Chargers
Approx. 12" diameter
402.Heavy and Sturdy Vintage Iron Bed with Side Rails
Headboard is approx. 63" tall, 52.5" wide and 74" long
403.7 Shelf Wicker and Metal Stand
Approx. 59" tall. Each shelf is approx. 5"
404.Vintage Wooden 1 Drawer Lamp Table
Approx. 21" high and 26.75" x 26.75"
405.Vintage Wooden Headboard
Approx. 50.5" tall and 64" wide
406.Assortment of Plastic Glasses, Mugs and Pitcher
407.One Triumph American Limoges 22-K Gold Dish and One Mo-Tan Dish
408.Stoneware Chip and Salsa Set
409.Cut Glass Stemmed Candy Dish and Serving Bowl
410."Will You Walk Into My Parlor" Poem Made up of Plates
From the Poem by Mary Hewitt, written on 1st plate.
411.Assortment of Halloween Themed Plates
412.4 Heavy Cut Glass Ralph Lauren Whiskey Glasses
413.2 Wall Shelves
414.Wire Spider Web Lamp Shade
Approx. 20" diameter and 16" tall
415.Very Large Commercial Aluminum Cookware Tray
Approx. 27.5" x 22.75"
416.Assortment of Etched and Cut Glassware
417.Vintage Fruit Bowl Stamped 1957
Approx. 17" long and 11" deep
418.Vintage Buta Flame Candle Sticks in Original Box with Paperwork
419.Brass Candlestick
Approx. 16" tall
420.2 Crate and Barrel Porcelain Serving Trays
Approx. 15" long
421.Iron Plantstand
Approx. 21.5" tall and 10" diameter
422.Vintage Throw Pillow
Approx. 23." x 23"
423.Framed 3D Letter M and Framed and Matted Magnolia Bloom
424.New 5" x 7", 4" x 6" and 3.5" x 5" Frame in Plastic
425.New 5" x 7", 4" x 6" and 2- 3.5" x 5" Frame in Plastic
426.Wooden Ornate Plant Stand
427.Unique Vintage Brass Base Glass Flower Vase
Approx. 13" tall
428.Unique Vintage Milk Glass Flower Vase
Approx. 13" tall
429.Vintage Glass Vase / Decanter with Stopper
430.Vintage Glass and Metal Coffee Press
431.Vintage Glass and Metal Coffee Mugs
432.Frosted Glass and Metal Framed Candle Holders
433.Vintage Bottle, Candle Holder and Glass Vase
434.Heavy Metal Ornate Candelabra
435.Small Hotel Desk Bell
436.Vintage Hanging Jeweled Candle Holder
Approx. 22" long
437.Vintage Bohemian Crystal Pitcher Made in Czechoslovakia
438.Vintage Vodka and Bourbon Dispensers
439.Vintage Etched and Gold Leaf Bottle / Decanter with Stopper
440.Unique Vintage Bowl with Glass Bottom and Vintage Candy Dish
Base for bowl is broken. Somebody may just want the cool vintage glass piece.
441.3 Vintage Red Etched Glass Bottles / Decanters with Stoppers
442.Assortment of 8 Vintage Glasses
443.Vintage Glass Sugar and Creamer and 4 Small / Cordial Glasses
444.Amber Glass Bottle From Spain and Glass Decanter
445.Large White Serving Dish
Looks to have been epoxied on one end.
446.Heavy Glass Stairstep Candle Holders
Must see to appreciate
447.Plastic Halloween Themed Tray
448.Assortment of Plates Including 1 Anchor Hocking Serving Plate and 1 Bryn Mawr by Salem Dish
Salem Dish has small chip on underside.
449.2 Vintage Bottles, 1 with Etched Spider Webs, 1 with Plastic Spiders Inside, & 1Metal Spider Pin
450.Vintage Edison GE Hot Point Coffee Pot / Server
Mo lid, no electrical cord
451.Unique Vintage Silver Plated Pitcher
No lid. Handle has come un-soldered as shown in pic.
452.Another Vintage Edison Electric Hot Point Coffee Perculator
453.Vintage Silver Plated Ice Bucket
454.Vintage Glass Fruit Bowl / Dish on Metal Stand
Bowl is approx. 11.5" diameter
455.Antique Spider Web Design Toaster with Electrical Cord
456.Unique Antique Sideboard / Cabinet with Mirror Underneath
Top needs work, but other than that, this is in great condition. This is about 60" wide, 16" deep, & 40" tall.
457.Large Vintage Coffee Table
This is about 52" wide, 30" deep, & 17" tall
458.Large Vintage Los Angeles Potteries Spaghetti Dish
Approx. 14" diameter
459.Vintage 3 Section Pottery Dish
Stamped LB on the bottom
460.Wooden Shelf with Metal Brackets on 2 Copper Hanging Rods
Approx. 37" long and 7.25" wide
461.Beaded Wall Hanging / Divider
This is not unrolled and a bit tangled. Do not know dimensions
462.Vintage Brass Candle Holder
463.Very Unique Silver Plated Pitcher Converted to a Lamp
It works.
464.Metal Candle Holder
465.Silver Plated Vase and a Decorative Oil Candle
466.Resin Frog
467.Silver Plated Ice Bucket
468.Copper Ice Bucket and Several Copper Kitchen Utensils
469.2 Metal Plate Holders
470.Silver Plated Pitcher / Coffee Pot
471.D&J Wellby Silversmiths Silver Pitcher, Stamped 18 Garrick SI
472.Erphila Ceramic Rooster from Czecho-Slovakia
473.Silver Plated Millinneum 2000 Shaker Bottle
474.Beaded Wine Bottle Decoration
Bottle not included; just for demonstration
475.2 Trinket Boxes and a Metal Tray
Lid is not attached on the larger trinket box.
476.Heavy Vintage Letter Opener
477.2 Large Vintage Christmas Ornaments
478.Assortment of Christmas Ornaments and Garland
479.2 Candle Sticks
480.Vintage Heavy Silver Plated Beverage Dispenser

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