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December Estate & Consignment Auction Including BARRY CARTER Items - Friday, December 11, 2020 - Thursday, December 17, 2020 Begins Closing at 7:00 p.m. at the rate of 5 items per minute.

Item Description
1.Silk Red and White Poinsettias in Bamboo Planter
2.3 Large Candy Ornaments
1 new with tag
3.Clothtique Santa Mailman on a Bicycle
4.Vintage Clothtique Santa by Possible Dreams
5.2 Porcelain Christmas Figurines
6.3 Various Sizes of Glass Jars with Handles Affixed to Lids
7.3 Vintage Lefton Christmas Figurines
8.3 Small Porcelain Santa Ornaments and 1 Small Wooden Santa
9.2 Christmas Scene Puzzles
Terry Redlin puzzle appears to be new in box .
10.International Art Christmas Bear
11.3 Various Sizes of Wooden Blocks Decorated Beautifully
12.Bag of Purple Velvet Bows and Purple Unbreakable Ornaments
The pictures do not show how pretty this purple is
13.2 Boxes of Blue Glass Ornaments
Missing 4 ornaments as shown in picture
14.2 Boxes of Dark Blue Glass Ornaments
Missing 1 ornament as shown in picture
15.Angel and Horn Decor
16.Assorted Fake Fruit
17.Assorted Christmas Decor Including Holly Wreaths & More
18.3 Piece Lighted Christmas Tree with Large Box for Storage
Some lights do not light up
19.Vine of Cranberries, Christmas Tree Garland, Crystallized Fake Fruit and More
Tub not included
20.Unpainted Wooden Decorative Bench with Sleigh Ends
This is secured with screws, but is more for décor than for sitting.
21.4 Blue Minjonet Glasses in Box
22.Framed 1863 $500 CSA Loan Bond Certificate with Coupons
Very cool piece. Check this out.
23.Abraham Lincoln Uncirculated 2010 Series Presidential Golden Dollar in Presentation Frame
24.George Washington Uncirculated 2007 Series Presidential Golden Dollar in Presentation Frame
25.12 Cup Wilton Muffin Pan, Used
26.Mineola-Opoly Monopoly Board Game
Appears to be factory sealed .
27.4 Antique Mark Twain Books from 1901
28.2 Vintage Books
“The Last of the Mohicans” and “Oliver Twist”
29.Porcelain Rose from Napoleon Italy, Decorative Pine Needles, and More
30.2 Gold & Platinum Decorated Takahashi Plates with Matching Cups and Post 1940 Fenton Glass Bowl
31.Pink Carousel Horse on Wooden Pole
32.The Sheriff Resin Figurine
33.Ceramic Italian Watering Can from Neiman Marcus
34.Vintage Avon Corn on the Cob Soap Dispenser and Big Vision Glasses – As Seen on TV
35.Santa Tin, Holly Berry Candle in Box, and Set of 3 Small Candles in Box
36.Billy Belts California Ornate Black Leather Belt
37.Pink Cupig Dancing Pig from Hallmark and Red Stuffed Dog
38.Green Murano (we think) Hand Blown Glass Bowl
39.Small Craft Wooden Box, New 3” Yankee Candle, and New 4” Lavender Candle
40.50th Anniversary 6” Pitcher with 7 ¼” Gold Trimmed Bowl
41.Vintage Ceramic Lidded Playing Card Holder with 2 Decks of Cards and Small Ceramic Rocking Chair
42.DITEK 8 Plug Power Cord with Surge Protector
It works
43.Gold Trimmed German Lattic Design Plate & Cut Glass Platter
44.Radio Shack Ground Trac Metal Detector
It works
45.2 Metal Standing Wine Racks with Tile Tops
NOTE: These are being sold at 2 times the money. Approx. 25" tall,16" x 9"
46.Metal and Glass Sign/Bulletin Board/Letter Display Case with Key
Approx. 24" x 18". I could not get key to lock case
47.Large Nice Wooden Frame Bulletin Board with 2 Glass Doors
The doors are locked and we do not have the key; will need to re-kay. Approx. 36.5" tall, 48" wide and 2" deep
48.Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Coffee Maker, Used
Appears to be working and clean inside.
49.Mr. Coffee Brand Pod Coffee Maker, Used
Powers on
50.Smaller Kitchen Selectives Electric Food Chopper
Appears to be working and clean
51.Retro Look Electric Light Fixture
Approx. 13" diameter and 10" tall
52.Glass Cake Plate with Heavy Glass Lid
My pictures do not do this cake plate justice. Very nice
53.Smaller Etched Glass Candy Dish with Lid
54.Glass Punch Bowl with 11 Glass Cups and Plastic Ladle
The set includes 9 cups with grapes and 2 that do not match.
55.Assortment of Hangers for the Wall & Metal Caddy
56.Wooden Oval Frame
Approx. 25" x 19"
57.Lavender's Laundry Service Canvas Toiletries Caddy
Approx. 7" tall, 13" x 9.5"
58.Large Husky Brand Canvas Tool Bag, Unused with Original Tags
As the tag states, has 43 storage pockets and 18 elastic straps. Outside is dusty from being in consignor's shop.
59.Ryobi Flash Light, 2 Hand-Held Vacuums, and 1 Elvex Hard Hat
No batteries. Untested
60.Vintage Wooden Sewing Kit Including Contents
Approx. 26" tall, 14.5" wide and 13" deep
61.Battery Operated Tri Fold Make Up Mirror
62.Antique Radio Cabinet
Can be used for any number of fun projects. Approx. 38" tall, 21" wide and 12" deep
63.Electric Oil Heater
Missing one wheel. Appears to be working
64.Vintage Sears Kenmore Sewing Machine in Wood Cabinet
The machine needs cleaning. Untested.
65.Antique Freiberg & Kahn Cincinnati USA Glass Bottle
66.Antique AM & B Bottling Co. Glass Bottle
This is a scarce variant of this thieves bottle. It has a large A embossed on the base of the bottle. It is about 8" tall. This bottle contained Dr.Pepper from what I have been told. A.M.& B.Co. stands for Artesian Manf. & Bottling Co. originated in Waco in 1891 to bottle Dr Pepper and Circle A Ginger Ale. This was the 1st bottle of that company that had another town/state on it, and was for the 1904 Worlds Fair in St Louis for world exposure for Dr Pepper.
67.Antique ST Drake 1860 Plantation X Bitters Bottle
68.Wooden Tissue Box Stamped Handcrafted by Charles Winfield and a Pottery Duck Planter
69.New AV Cables, Sign, and Decals
70.Gortex Sleeping Bag Cover
Has both zipper and snaps for secure fastening
71.US Military Clean Duffle Bag with Back Pack Straps
72.US Military Laundry Bag
73.2 US Military Clean Camo Shirts
1 is size Medium Regular and the other is size Medium Short
74.2 US Military Clean Camo Shirts
Size Medium Regular
75.2 US Military Clean Camo Pair of Pants
Size Small Regular
76.Size 10.5 McRae Vibram Military Style Boots
77.Lot with Military Elbow Pads, Butt Pack and Utility Bag
78.Foldable Trench Shovel
Compacts down to approx. 9.5"
79.Paisley Pattern Comforter
Approx. 84" x 78"
80.Crocheted Afghan/Throw with Raised Flower Design
Approx. 66" x 29
81.Black Crocheted Afghan/Throw with Raised Flower Design
Approx. 75" x 33"
82.Large Striped Crocheted Aphgan
Approx. 128" x 119"
83.Smaller Crocheted Afghan/Throw with Raised Flower Design
Approx. 40" x 24"
84.Soft Cotton Blue Blanket/Bed Spread
Approx. 79" x 56"
85.Hand Made Round Tablecloth
86.Framed Oil Painting Signed Ware
Approx. 30" x 24"
87.Framed and Matted Home Sweet Home Print
Signed by Pat Pearson and numbered. Approx. 27" x 33"
88.2 Framed and Matted Animal Prints
One is a lion and is approx. 16.025" x 15". The other print is a signed duck print and is approx. 14.5" x 12.5"
89.3 Different Sizesof Blank Art Canvas
Largest is approx. 36" x 24". Next is approx. 16" x 20" and the smallest is approx. 16" x 12"
90.3 Factory Sealed Blank Canvas Art
each are approx. 18" x 24"
91.Appears to be Very Old Folk Art Piece
Approx. 19" x 15"
92.Framed and Matted Fruit Oil Painting
Approx. 24" x 19"
93.Framed and Matted Farm Print
Could be an East Texas Local Farm. Approx. 24" x 20"
94.Ivan Anderson Signed Unframed Print in Plastic
Approx. 24" x 18"
95.Nortake Mother of Peal Lusterware Place Setting for Six
This set has irredescent color.
96.Nortake Mother of Pearl Serving Dishes
97.Assorted 3 Teapots and 3 Cups
98.10 Deluxe Jigsaw Puzzles of Landmarks
99.3 Pottery Kitchen Canisters with Blue Ducks
100.Chivas Regal Liquor Decanter with 4 Glasses
101.2 Metal Glass Bottom Mugs, Vintage Measuring Cups & Juicer
102.Hand Painted American Pottery from Marshall, Texas, Vintage Measuring Cups, Spoons & Tea Strainer
103.Vintage Measuring Cup, Measuring Spoons & More
104.Vintage World's Finest Club Hammercraft Metal Tray, Measuring Spoons & More
Includes plate from 1960's New York World's Fair.
105.Wooden Napkin Holders with Sea Shells and Ceramic Soap Dish
106.4 Vintage Dallas Cowboys Coffee Cups
107.Vintage Wagner Ware Magnalite Metal Pan with Lid
108.Vintage Aztec Themed Jar with Lid
Lid is chipped as shown in photo.
109.Vintage Bromwell's Sifter and More
110.The Woldert Co Squirrel Nut Cracker
111.Vintage Miniature Kitchen Items Including Mini Pots, Pans, Plates, Utensils, & More
112.Hand Painted Ceramic Pot with Lid & Handle
113.Harry and David Tea Pot and 2 Decorative Crosses
114.Vintage Franciscan Ware Pink Pottery Tea Set
115.Metal “F” Wall Hanging and Small Tiara
Tiara has some of its finish worn off as shown in photo.
116.52” Bright Brass Crown Ceiling Fan
Appears to be new in box
117.Phillips Sound Bar and Speaker with Remote, Untested
118.1957 B Silver Certificate
119.John F. Kennedy Coin Collection in Plastic Case and Certificate of Authenticity
120.1920,1923,1925,1926,1927 Buffalo Nickels
121.1929 Standing Liberty Silver Quarter
122.1924,1924S,1927,1928,1929 Silver Mercury Dimes
123.1964 Proof,1969S,1969S,1970D, 1993D Nickels
124.World War II Penny Collection in Sealed Plastic Case From Morgan Mint
125.Sealed 2004 Peace Medal Nickel
This is the first in the Westward Journey Nickel Series
126.The Great Depression 1929 Coin Collection in Sealed Plastic Case
127.1935,1936,1937 Silver Mercury Dimes
128.Americas Most Coveted Coins in Case with Certificate of Authenticity
129.1998 Randy Moss Rookie Card in Protective Sleeve
Appears to be in great shape
130.1/24 Scale 1947 Chevrolet AeroSedan Fleetline Die Cast, Homierollerz
Has some spots on roof. Might can clean up; I did not try.
131.1948 Lincoln Coupe Die Cast
132.1954 Ford Customline Die Cast
133.Adjustable Trailer Hitch with 2 Locking Pins with Keys
134.1936 German Olympian Hardback Book
135.1932 German Olympian Hardback Book
136.Vintage Prints of Jimmy Carney and Jimmy Carroll
Approx. 16" x 13"
137.Vintage Print of Ex American Boxing Champ Joe Goss and Other
Approx. 16" x 13"
138.3 Framed Prints, 1 Lamond, 1 Sinclair & 1 Other
Approx. 16" x 13"
139.3 Framed Prints, English / Scottish Genre
140.2 Vintage Framed Prints, 1 Named Kennedy and 1 MacPharlan
Approx. 16" x 13"
141.2 More Framed Prints, 1 Bagpipe Band & 1 Kilted Ice Skater
Approx. 16" x 13"
142.2 More Framed Prints, 1 Bagpipe Player & 1 Kilted Gentleman
Approx. 16" x 13"
143.U2 Framed Album Cover and an Irish/Scottish Framed Print Named Forbes
Approx. 16" x 13"
144.Wooden Box/Jewelry Box with Tile Lid
Approx. 11" x 7"
145.Wooden Jewelry Box with Needlepoint Lid & Mirror Inside
Approx. 8" x 5"
146.Wooden Jewelry Box with Mirrored Lid and One Drawer
Approx. 6.75" tall, 9" wide and 6" deep
147.Jewelry Box with Necklace Hanger, Pull Out Drawers and Picture Frames in Front
Approx. 11" tall, 9" wide and 5' deep
148.Assortment of Pins and Watches
149.Assortment of Necklaces and Bracelets
150.Assortment of Necklaces
151.Assortment of Vintage Earrings and Pins
152.Variety of Rings and a Heart Pendant Necklace
153.6 Vintage Amber Indiana Glass Stacked Cube Design Footed Tumblers
154.3 Stained Glass Ceiling Fan Light Covers
155.Vintage Plate with Rope Affixed for Hanging
156.Sony Projection AM/FM Clock Radio/Sound Machine
Tested and works. This small footprint radio projects on the ceiling. Has USB Charger
157.Sony Projection AM/FM Clock Radio/Sound Machine
Tested and works. This small footprint radio projects on the ceiling. Has USB Charger. I could not get the projection to work.
158.Vintage Solar-Sturges Permanent Coffee Pot
159.Vintage Glass Coffee Pot with Electric Burner
No power cord for burner
160.Vintage Metal and Glass Teamaker, Inc. Pot and Other
161.Thomas Ceramics Pitcher, Glass 10oz Pepsi Bottle, & Glass Stopper
162.Assortment of Different Caliber Shells
Disclaimer: Northeast Texas Antiques & Auctions is not responsible for anything to do with this lot of ammunition once it leaves our property
163.Full Box of 20 Winchester 45-70 Shells
Disclaimer: Northeast Texas Antiques & Auctions is not responsible for anything to do with this lot of ammunition once it leaves our property
164.20 45-70 Shells
Disclaimer: Northeast Texas Antiques & Auctions is not responsible for anything to do with this lot of ammunition once it leaves our property
165.Box of HSM 45-70 Shells
Disclaimer: Northeast Texas Antiques & Auctions is not responsible for anything to do with this lot of ammunition once it leaves our property
166.Box of HSM 45-70 Shells
Disclaimer: Northeast Texas Antiques & Auctions is not responsible for anything to do with this lot of ammunition once it leaves our property
167.Box of HSM 45-70 Shells
Disclaimer: Northeast Texas Antiques & Auctions is not responsible for anything to do with this lot of ammunition once it leaves our property
168.Large Nutcracker Mickey Mouse with Disney Tag To & From Tag
Approx. 30" tall
169.International Silver Co. Dinnerware Set in Mid Century Wooden Chest
Set includes: 3 teaspoons, 5 large spoons, 4 knives, 5 salad forks, 5 dinner forks
170.Large Metal Miller Lite Advertisment Sign
Approx. 30" diameter
171.Vintage National Smokey The Bear Day Print with Different Baseball Players From National League
Very good condition. Approx. 20" x 18". This is uncut perforated sheet.
172.Vintage Beckett Magazines Framed of Bo Jackson and Dan Marino.
The Dan Marino is signed; I do not have authenticity of the signature. Approx. 26" x 19.75
173.Vintage Signed Texas Longhorns Print and is Also Autographed by Fred Ackers Longhorn Head Coach from 1977 to 1986
Approx. 34.5" x 24.75"
174.Vintage Plastic Schoolhouse with Door on the Side To Store Dolls.
The school bell on top rings with a push of a button. Approx. 12" long
175.Very Cool Red Vintage Doll House on Casters with Shingled Roof & Extra Furniture
Approx. 24" tall, 24" wide and 21.5" deep. Check out the details in extra photos.
176.Castle Lovelylocks in Box
I do not know if this is complete; did not assemble.
177.Barbie Decor Collection Kitchen Playset in Box
One of several Barbie rooms
178.Barbie Design-a-Fashion Style & Color Set, in Box
This looks like it has plastic plates/stensils that you put a piece of paper over and color over it. You can design your own dress for Barbie
179.Barbie Accessories and a Battery Operated Disney Cash Register
Cash register is untested
180.Lot of 5Vintage Barbie Dolls From the 1960's
181.Lot of 4 Vintage Barbie Dolls From the 1960's
182.Lady Lovelylocks Tree House in Box, Used
183.Assortment of Dreamsicles
184.Another Assortment of Dreamsicles
185.Vintage Metal Frame Vanity Chair
Approx. 34" tall
186.Set of 4 Wooden and Upholstered Office Style Chairs
NOTE: These are being sold at 4 times the money.
187.One Wooden Frame Brown Barrel Style Chair and One Wooden Frame Buckstaff Maroon Chair
The maroon chair is heavy.
188.Lot of 3 Different Teapots with Lids
189.Vintage Victoria Ware Ironstone Teapot & Other
190.Vintage Ellgreave Ironstone Teapot with Lid from England and Other
191.Variety of Sizes of Plates and Bowls, Some From Japan
192.10 Glass Corn on the Cob Dishes
193.2 Sets of 4 Saki Cups
Some crazing as shown in photos
194.Conair Electric Curlers
Powers on
195.Gold Tone Pitcher/Teapot with Lid and a Vintage Thompson Bowl
196.Vintage Fostoria Avon Blue Stemmed Goblets and Creamer with George and Martha Washington
197.New 29" x 64" Vinyl Mini Blinds in Box
198.Fredi Security Camera
199.Chiltons Truck Repair Manual, and 80 and 120 Sand Paper Belts
200.Black Beard and Jean LaFitte 8" Poseable Action Figures
201.Air Spray Painting Tools and a Garden Spade
202.New in the Box 2 Metal Candle/Dish Holders
203.New in Box 2 Metal Book Stands
204.Vinyl RV Spare Tire Cover with Paw Print Design
Used one season
205.RV Air Conditioner Cover
Consignor says it has one patch but in good shape
206.RV Discharge Hose with Tote and Store Portable Holding Tank Towing Bracket
207.Assortment of Different Sizes of Cement Tools
208.Log Splitter, Plastic Felling Wedges and Other
209.Metal Wedges
210.Set of 10 Lynx Trailer Levelers
211.Set of 8 Lynx Trailer Levelers
One of the pieces is broken
212.Wooden Corner Wall Shelf and a Wooden Drawer
Corner shelf is approx. 20" tall, 16" deep and 9" wide. The drawer is approx. 8" tall 18.5" long and 9.5" wide
213.Gallon Jug with Golf Balls, Bicycle Brand Poker Set in Wooden Box
214.Vintage Red Metal Pulley
215.Vintage Tools Stamped Ford
216.Tubing Flaring Tool, Extractor and a Roller
217.Tubing Bender in Box
218.Rawhide Mallet, Chalk Line Tool and Antique Meat Tenderizer
219.Box of Remington 225 Golden Bullet 22 Bullets
Disclaimer: Northeast Texas Antiques and Auctions is not responsible for anything to do with this lot of ammunition once it leaves our property
220.100 round box Winchester 9mm Luger Full Metal Jacket Shells,
Disclaimer: Northeast Texas Antiques and Auctions is not responsible for anything to do with this lot of ammunition once it leaves our property
221.CCI 300 Rounds of 22 LR Shells
Disclaimer: Northeast Texas Antiques and Auctions is not responsible for anything to do with this lot of ammunition once it leaves our property
222.A Box of PMC Bronze 45 Auto Shells
Disclaimer: Northeast Texas Antiques and Auctions is not responsible for anything to do with this lot of ammunition once it leaves our property
223.1 Box of TulAmmo 9mm Luger Full Metal Jacket Shells
Disclaimer: Northeast Texas Antiques and Auctions is not responsible for anything to do with this lot of ammunition once it leaves our property
224.3 Boxes of Aguila .22 Shells
Disclaimer: Northeast Texas Antiques and Auctions is not responsible for anything to do with this lot of ammunition once it leaves our property
225.2 Boxes of Winchester Wildcat .22 Shells
Disclaimer: Northeast Texas Antiques and Auctions is not responsible for anything to do with this lot of ammunition once it leaves our property
226.1 Box of Aguila and 1 Box of CCI .22 Shells
Disclaimer: Northeast Texas Antiques and Auctions is not responsible for anything to do with this lot of ammunition once it leaves our property
227.Miltary Protective Vest
Does not have the plates
228.US Military Clean Backpack
229.US Military Fighting Load Carrier Vest
Looks like it has most if not all of the standard issued pouches
230.Military Gear
231.Military Rain Pancho
232.Lot of 3 Clean Beanie Babies with Original Tags
Valentino, Happy, & Sterling. Only stored; not played with.
233.Lot of 3 Clean Beanie Babies with Original Tags
Dart, Nanook, & Rocket. Dart is not as mean as he looks. Only stored; not played with.
234.Vintage Lava Lamp
No bulb
235.1 Metal and 1 Small Plastic John Deere Trailers
236.2 Crystal Candle Holders in Box
237.Compound Bow Arrow Holder
238.Lot of Different Twilight Series Books by Stephanie Meyer
239.Belt Buckle that Spins, Recorder, 2 Flasks
240.Ceramic Donald Duck and Other Duck Figurine
241.2 Cute Tea Steaping Tins and a Vintage Pepper Mill
242.Assorted Plastic Cookie Cutters
243.Aztec Themed Lion Made out of Stone and a Wooden Carrying Tray
244.Vintage Danish Modern Wooden Candelabra
See other photos for detail.
245.HoMedics Battery Powered Wind Chime
246.Variety of Vases Made From Different Material and More
247.Womens Coach Size 8 B Leather Boots
248.Large Print on Wood of Train on a Wintry Day
Approx. 28" x 19.25"
249.Large Print on Wood of Train Traveling in a Winter Storm
Approx. 28" x 19.25"
250.One More Large Print on Wood of Train Traveling in the Snow
Approx. 28" x 19.25"
251.Lot of 6 Terry Brooks Hardback Novels and a Kevin Crossley Holland Book
252.Wilton Armetale Large "Give Us This Day" Bread Tray and a Wilton Metal Serving Bowl
253.Linemaster Clipper Foot Switches and More
254.Small Glass Pitcher with Cork Stopper and Glass Bottle with Glass Stopper
255.Copper Mug and Several Miniature Glass Bottles
256.Shawnee Corn Dish with Lid and Round Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shakers
257.Cast Iron Cornbread Pan
258.Stanley Metal Quart Thermos
259.Vintage Plastic Outdoor Themed Wall Hangings
260.Vintage Disney View Master Projector in Box
this unit works
261.Large Metal Beck's Sign
262.Cool Touch Electric Sandwich Maker
Appears to be new in box
263.Bialetti Heavy Duty Aluminum Roaster
Appears to be new in box
264.3 Wooden Rolling Pins
265.2 Wooden Rolling Pins and 1 Black Metal Rolling Pin
266.2 Wooden Rolling Pins
267.2 Wooden Rolling Pins and a Wooden Wine Rack Used as a Rolling Pin Rack
Approx. 13" x 13"
268.Charlie Brown Christmas Tree with Original Box
269.2 Mickey Unlimited Christmas Ornaments in Box
270.Disney's 100 Years of Magic Christmas Ornament and Blown Glass Mickey Head Ornament
271.3 Mickey Mouse Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornaments
272.Gemmy Disney Animated Singing Mickey Mouse in a Snowball
Battery Operated – Untested
273.Vintage Animated Mickey Mouse
Appox. 21”
274.VIntage Animated Minnie Mouse
Appox. 21”
275.Vintage Tupperware Plates and Cups with Lids
3 red cups (4 lids), 4 green cups (3 lids), 2 red and 2 green plates
276.2 Vintage Stocking Hangers, and Box of 11 Bugle Ornaments
277.Extra Large Felt Stocking, 2 Felt Stockings with Santa, and Disney Christmas Cassette Tape
278.2 Extension Cords
1 is Appox. 12 feet and has plugs every 3 feet and 1 is 10 feet and has plugs 1 foot apart
279.5 Stockings Including Mickey Mouse, Santa, Snowmen, and More
280.Mickey Mouse and Friends Cake Pop Maker
281.Vintage Cahill Gas Heater Including Ceramic Grate Inserts
Appears some grates are broken as shown in photo.
282.Vintage Thompson Gas Heater Including Ceramic Grate Inserts
283.Vintage Tempus Fugile Clock
284.3 Assorted Sizes of Lindenwold's Cubic Zirconia
285.Another Lot of 3 Assorted Sizes of Lindenwold's Cubic Zirconia
286.Another Lot of Assorted Sizes of Lindenwold's Cubic Zirconia
287.Another Lot of 3 Assorted Sizes of Lindenwold's Cubic Zirconia
288.Vintage Hand Made Wooden Stool
289.Vintage Blue Painted Wooden Stool
290.Vintage Childs Size Wooden Chair
291.Vintage Red Hat Box with 2 Vintage Hats
292.Winnie the Pooh Light Switch Cover, Assortment of Buttons, Antenna Toppers, and More
293.Mickey Mouse Figurines and Metal Tin
294.Beautiful Vintage Blue Clay City Pottery Bowl
295.4 Vintage Baby Rattles
296.4 Precious Moments Figurines
297.Assortment of Cut Glass Bowls
298.Glass Hermetic Air Tight 2 Quart Jar and a Bathroom Theme Wall Print
299.Vintage Noritaki Serving Platter with 5 Very Small Dishes
300.Serving Platter with Swan Design From Prussia
301.2 Vintage Porcelain Figurines
302.Another 2 Vintage Porcelain Figurines
303.Vintage Vase Appears to be Hand Painted and a Milk Glass Dish with Dome Lid
304.Pink Glass Pitcher and a Vintage Leuchtenburg China Pitcher from Germany
305.Set of 3 Very Pretty Glass Oil Candle Sticks
306.2 XL Harley Davidson Sweat Shirts
307.New With Tag Size Large Harley Davidson T Shirt
308.3 Size XL Harley Davidson T Shirts
309.Vintage Metal 2 Shelf Wall Hanging & Towel Rack
Approx. 13.5" tall, 17.5" wide and 6.5" deep
310.White Wooden Doll High Chair
No tray
311.Vintage Kingsley Type Set/Type Holder Machine
312.Vintage Kingsley Type Set Letters & Numbers in Different Sizes and Some in an Original Wooden Box
313.Vintage Kingsley Type Set Letters & Symbols in Different Sizes and Some in an Original Wooden Box
314.1956 Pink T Bird Convertible Die Cast by Revel
315.Vintage Lighted Blow Mold Christmas Tree
Do not have the base but have the light. It works.
316.Vintage Santa Mugs in Original Box From Japan
317.Several Childrens Books Including Battery Operated Books
318.Fiberglass Pipe Insulation, Battery Operated Angle Finder, Duct Tape, and a Dewalt Stop for a Work Table for a Model D730
319.Manual Rivoter and Other
320.Metal Name Plates
Approx. 8" x 2"
321.Vintage 78 Record Albums in Individual Sleeved Books
Each book has 10 records.
322.Mens Black Ostrich or Ostrich Print Boots
I could not find a size.
323.Butane Hand Warmer, Fire Dept. Pocket Knife and a Watch
324.Certified Firefighter Texas License Plate and a Fire Fighter Pocket Knife
325.ESS Brand Safety Glasses with Case, Cleaner, and Sunglasses
326.Antique Wooden Chest of Drawers
Consignor says it is early 1900's. Approx. 46" tall, 31" wide and 19.5" deep
327.Antique White Chest of Drawers
From the 50's. Approx. 31.5" tall, 29" wide and 16.5" deep
328.Small Chest of Drawers
Approx. 30" tall, 32" wide and 17" deep
329.Old Box of Emmons Brand 38 Special Police Shells
Disclaimer: Northeast Texas Antiques and Auctions is not responsible for anything to do with this lot of ammunition once it leaves our property
330.Neiman Marcos Heavy Godinger Silver Plated Carolers Salt and Pepper Shakers
331.Lot of 3 Pairs of Vintage Childrens Shoes, Gloves and Rattler
332.Limited Edition United States Constitution Commemorative Belt Buckle with Certificate of Authenticity
333.Norelco Brand International Travel Electric Conversion Kit in Case
334.Vintage Leather Childrens Mocassins
335.Travel Kit with Compact Iron, Hair Dryer and Mister in Zip-Up Case
336.Small Craftsman Canvas Tool Bag
337.2 Clean Throw Pillows with Flower Design Prints
338.Large Wicker Basket with Cotton Insert
Approx. 26" long
339.1932 Lockhead Vega Model 5C Die Cast Airplane Bank in Original Box
340.1931 Stearman Biplane Wings of Texaco Die Cast Bank In Box
this is 3rd in the Texaco Biplane Seriers
341.1936 Keystone-Loening Commuter Texaco Die Cast Airplane Bank
This is 8th in the Texaco Biplane Series
342.Beware Poker Players Metal Sign
Approx. 15" x 12"
343.Michael Atkinson Signed Serenity Print
Approx. 12.5" x 10.5". Look this up. $$$
344.Beautiful Cherry Finish 8 Day Emperor Wall Clock
Has the key and it works. Must see this clock to appreciate it. Made by Emperor Clock Co. in 1959. It is all wood – beautiful finish. It has some stain on the interior where the pendulum is.
345.Reversible Patchwork Quilt with Some Hand Stitching
Approx. 82" x 81". Has grommets on each corner to hang.
346.Christmas Themed Quilt
Approx. 79" x 79"
347.Red Plaid Vinyl Table Cloth with Backing
Approx. 50" x 48"
348.Very Old Hand Stitched Quilt
Approx. 80" x 60". Has some wear but do not let that take away from all the love and work that was put into making this quilt.
349.Vintage Hand Stitched Quilt Topper
Has some wear due to age but again think of the love and work that someone put into making this for a loved one. Approx. 80" x 58"
350.Vintage Hand Stitched Quilt Topper
Approx. 65" x 78"
351.Vintage Hand Stitched Patchwork Quilt Topper
Has some spots on it but can be fixed. Approx. 54" x 80"
352.Red Linen Tablecloth and 4 Napkins
Table cloth is approx. 52' x 48" Napkins are approx, 16" x 16"
353.White with Silver and Gold LinenTable Cloth and 4 Napkins
Table cloth is approx. 80" x 59" Napkins are approx. 20" x 21"
354.Red Linen Tablecloth and 9 Napkins
Table Cloth is approx. 80" x 58" Napkins are approx, 16.5" x 16+.5"
355.Glitter On Metal Cowgirl Sign and Glittery Longhorn
Cowgirl is approx. 19" long
356.2 Allison Krauss CD's
357.2 Harry Potter Necklaces – Wand & Hermione's Time Turner
358.2 Plastic File Organizers
359.Metal Shower Caddy
Approx. 24" tall
360.Set of 6 Heavy Vintage Wooden Chairs with Cushions
4 without arms and 2 with arms. Some wear but still good sturdy frames. NOTE: These are being sold at 6 times the money.
361.Vintage Wooden Coffee Table
look at the wood pattern on top. Very Pretty. Approx. 15" tall, 52" long and 20" deep
362.Vintage Wooden Project Piece
Approx. 21" tall, 25" long and 13" deep
363.RV Hose/Sewer Fittings and More
Tub not included
364.Vintage Vaseline/Uranium Glass - 2 Small Tumblers & 1 Cup
365.Vintage Green Glass Canister Set with Lids, Moon and Shine Design
From the 50's or early 60's. One of the lids has a very small chip. Is not noticeable with lid on canister
366.Turquoise Blue Area Rug
Approx. 4' x 6'
367.Truck Cap / Truck Topper Without Back Window Glass
Approx. 7' long x 67" wide
368.Fireplace Tool Set with Stand
Includes Shovel, Poker, and Broom
369.New Factory Sealed Martelli Binding System
370.Wooden Boomerang
371.Rival 22 Quart Electric Roaster Oven
Heats up. This is a very large, clean roaster. Removable roaster pan for easy clean up
372.Bachmann Brand Long Hauler Electric Train & Track in Original Box
373.2 Factory Sealed Christmas Jig Saw Puzzles and One 1000 Piece Puzzle
374.2 Factory Sealed Christmas Jig Saw Puzzles
375.Variety of Wooden Ink or Paint Stamps of Various Sizes and Themes
376.Wooden Ink or Paint Stamps of Various Sizes and Themes
377.Another Lot of Variety of Wooden Ink or Paint Stamps of Various Sizes and Themes
378.7 Large Crafting Stamps
379.Very Heavy Metal Piece, Perhaps a Log Splitter
380.Little Tikes Thomas the Train Table and 2 Chairs
381.2 Large Heart Shaped Mirrors
Larger one is approx. 16" long and the other is approx. 13" long
382.Assortment of Shells Including Large Iridescent Mother-of-Pearl Shell, Basket of Shells, and More
383.Glass Fruit and a Vintage Suzy's Zoo Napkin Holder
384.Vintage Olympus OM10 Film Camera with Lens & Flash
385.Vintage Cast Iron Cornbread Mold and Queen Art Pewter Sugar and Creamer Dishes
386.Royal Doulton “Neptune's Porthole” Plate with Plastic Stand and Bird Painted on Rock with Metal Stand
387.Melissa and Doug Jacks Set in Wooden Box & 101 Dalmatians Figurine
388.Miniature Pool Ball Set
389.3 Vintage LIFE Magazines from 1947, 1964 & Other
390.Heavy Metal “Dinner's Ready” Bell with Deer Design
391.Pelikan Gunther Wagner 14K Fountain Pen and Ink in Box
Look this up. $$$
392.Vintage Silver Seal Metalcraft Pot with Lid
393.4 Glasses Marked with Mid AM
394.Silverware Tray with Flatware
395.Blue Willow 6 Piece Flatware in Box
396.Blue Willow 5 Piece Set Flatware in Box
397.Blue Willow 5 Piece Set Flatware in Box
398.Blue Willow 6 Piece Flatware in Box
399.Pink Hanging Jewelry Holder with Assortment of Jewelry
Necklaces, Bracelets, and Earrings
400.3 Sets of Vintage Place Mats
6 Yellow mesh, 6 Orange mesh, & 5 Rough orange
401.Assortment of Vintage Place Mats Including 2 Gloria Vanderbilt
11 Blue, 6 Yellow, & 2 Gloria Vanderbilt
402.Vintage Brass Poached Egg Pan
403.8 Blue Tinted Glasses
404.6 Miniature Mugs with Stand
Mugs Approx. 2” tall
405.Musical Picture Frame, Small Christmas Tree Figurine, and Over the Wreath Hanger
406.Lot of 4 Various Size Picture Frames
407.2 Decorative Picture Frames of Different Sizes
408.Vintage Ricoh Mirri Zoom 3 Film Camera
409.Vintage Gordon Southwest Theme Pottery and a Metal Duck
410.Clean Plastic Dish Dryer and a Wooden Rolling Pin
411.Fiberglass Soldier with Cement Base
Missing 1 arm and cracked but still a cool yard art piece
412.Ultra Thin HD TV Antenna
413.1/18 Scale Large Die Cast Corvette Convertible Car
414.Metal Coors Advertising Sign
Approx. 28" long
415.Vintage Hull Planter
416.Glass Cake Plate and 2 Coffee Cups
417.Vintage Sewing Kit in Little Bag, Wicker Basket and Thread
418.2 Small Wicker Baskets and a Metal Stand
419.2 Very Old Heavy Ceramic 3D Wall Hangings
420.Nice Large Multi Compartment Jewelry Box
Approx. 40" tall, 16" x 12.5"
421.Antique Multi Purpose Ironing Board, Stool, Step Ladder
Ironing board needs to be recovered but still a very cool piece. Approx. 45" tall, 16" x 14.5"
422.10" Waterford Crystal Bowl Made in Ireland
This is an item you must see to appreciate.
423.Vintage Long Bamboo Pole Frog Gigger
Approx. 110" long
424.Vintage Wooden Step Stool
425.Lakewood 2 Heat Setting Utility Heater
It works
426.Makita 18V Drill with Charger, 2 Batteries and Carrying Case
the drill is currently working and I plugged the charger in and it appears to be working
427.2 Vintage Westland Theatres Drive In Speakers and Other
428.Wooden Car Creeper
429.Vintage Schwinn 10 Speed Bicycle
Needs some TLC but a very cool piece
430.1971,1972,1974,1976 Eisenhower Silver Dollars
431.1943, 19441959,1962 Silver Quarters
432.1943,1960,1961 Silver Quarters
433.1971,1972,1973,1974,1977,1983 Kennedy Half Dollars
434.2009 One Dollar Federal Reserve Note
435.Another 2009 One Dollar Federal Reserve Note
436.2000 22 Kt. Gold Legal Tender $2 Bill With Certificate of Authenticity
My pictures do not do this $2 Bill Justice. Must see in person.
437.2000 $2 Silver Certificate That was Die-Struck with .999 Silver with Certificate of Authenticity
438.2003 Enhanced Georgia $2 Federal Reserve Note in Acrylic Case
Appears to be in great shape
439.1957 Silver Certificate
440.1928 B Funny Back Silver Certicate
441.1953 C United States Red Seal Note
This is a United States Note rather than the more common Federal Reserve Note
442.1923 $1 Silver Certificate Horse Blanket
$5 Bill is not included in this lot. Shown for comparison of size of the silver certificate
443.1963 $2 Red Seal Untied States Note
444.Large Baggie Full of Paper Coin Holders
445.1926,1930,1935,1943,1944 Silver Dimes
446.1929 Standing Liberty Quarter
447.A Tribute to Americas Greatest Silver Coins
This set of silver plated coins is marked "copy" on the backs of the coins and is in a very nice presentation box.
448.Mercury Head Dime Collection Book Partially Filled
449.Lincoln Head Cent Collection Book Partially Filled
450.1949 Silver Dime
451.Lot of Misc. Hurricane Style Globes and Other
452.Mini Pumpkin Chiminia
453.Plastic Folder Organizer and Metal Dowel/Shelf Hanger
Metal shelf unit is 12" wide
454.Sturdy Metal Pet Lodge Kennel and Auto Water Feeder for Pets
Kennel is approx. 23" x 30" x 20.5"
455.Shenandoah Galvanized Metal Bird Feeder
Approx. 22" tall
456.Assortment of Books, Mostly Kids' Books
457.4 Bibles, Different Versions
458.New Home Janome Pink Sewing Machine
Like new. It works.
459.Honeytone Battery Operated Mini Amp
Power light comes on.
460.Box of Smead Letter Size Hanging File Folders
461.Black and Decker Auto Stop Electric Hedge Clippers
This powers on.
462.A Bunch of Quilting Books
463.Several Years of Hardback Great American Quilt Books
464.Different Genres of Books Including Nancy Drew
465.Bill O'Reilly "Killing Lincoln" Book and 2 DVD's
466.Leadership Hardback Books
467.More Leadership Books
468.3 Containers of DVD's
Some are recorded/written on and others may or may not be blank.
469.Vintage Knox Electric Slide or Negative Viewer
Approx. 18" x 15"
470.Glass Bird Feeder
471.Vintage 101 Dalmations VHS Movie in Original Package, Vinyl Pool Repair Kit and a Cartridge Filter
472.Bernette Model MO-203 Overlock Sewing Machine / Serger
473.Lawnmower Tire and Wheel Size 20 x 8.00
appears to be in good shape
474.Vintage Small Wooden 3 Shelf Bookcase
Approx. 36" tall, 24.5" wide and 8" deep
475.Large Poppies Design Canvas Wall Print
Approx. 40" x 20"
476.Large Oil Painting Canvas Signed by Jill Martin
Approx. 48" x 24"
477.Spirit of Saint Louis All in One Entertainment Center
Has CD, Radio, Turn Table and Cassette Player. I tested the Radio and turn table and they work. Could not get the CD or cassette player to work.
478.5 National Geographic Magazines Focusing on Australia From the Late 1980's to Late 1990's
479.Australian Travel Magazines
480.Antique Childs Story Readers Book From 1927
VERY FRAGILE CONDITION. This book is over 90 years old.
481.Gorgeous Vintage Tea Cart / Drop Leaf Table
Do not let this piece get by you. This is in very good condition. Has drawer, glass serving tray and pull up handle Approx. 29.5" tall, 29.5" wide. 44" when both leafs are extended and 20" with them folded down.
482.Australian Flag
Approx. 6' x 3'
483.2 Bibles with Different Versions
484.Unique Vintage Set of Nesting Teakwood Bowls
Probably from the 1950's
485.Plastic Little Tikes Childs Chair
486.Decorative Metal Vintage Style Keys
487.More Decorative Metal Vintage Style Keys
488.Another Lot of Decorative Metal Vintage Style Keys
489.Vintage Wall Hanging Cabinet / Shelf
Approx. 27" tall, 24" wide and 6" deep
490.Very Nice Polaris 31 Day Wood Case Clock with Key
Approx. 30" tall
491.Size XL Rain Pants and Top
492.Size XL Rain Pants, Size L Rain Top and a One Size Save Our Battlefields Rain Jacket
493.Medium Size Pet Porter Plastic Collapsible Dog Kennel
Has a small hole in the top but should not affect the kennel. Approx. 23" tall, 32" wide and 24" deep
494.Glass Leaf Shaped Serving Dish, Metal Serving Platter and Glass Christmas Dish
495.Misc. Lot of Glassware, Sun Tea Jar, Deco Tacks and More
496.Round Wall Decor and a Mirror Wall Hanging
497.Very Nice Glass Punch Bowl with 24 Glass Cups
498.Vintage Green Glass Pitcher and 4 Vintage Indiana Glass Green Glasses
499.Assortment of Glassware
500.3 Dual Candle Glass Candle Holders
501.Miscellaneous Glassware and Vases
502.2 Pie Plates, Small Teapot Made in Japan and Ceramic Candle Holders
503.Assortment of Coffee Mugs
The 2 blue mugs are heavy mugs
504.Boat Seat Stand
505.Pair of Homemade Jack Stands
506.Vintage Michigan License Plates
507.Vintage AMF Womens Bicycle with Added Accessories
This brings back a lot of childhood memories. All it needs is a baseball card in the spokes and it is ready to enjoy.
508.Antique Trunk Off the Back of a Model A
Approx. 18.5" tall, 33" long and 14" deep
509.Motorized Hacksaw
Put a blade in it and turn it on; it will cut the piece for you. Untested
510.Antique Hand Saw
511.French 3 Musketeer Replica Long Sword with Very Ornate Handle
This sword is approx. 46" long and in excellent condition. Must see to appreciate. Do not let this pass by on pick up day when you see it and regret not getting.
512.Plaque with an Extraordinary Eagle Print on Blade, Eagle on the Handle and a Picture of an Eagle
The knife is approx. 12" and is mounted to the plaque. Once again, do not have regrets when you see someone walking out the door with this on pick up day.
513.Sterling Silver Ring with Diamond Chips in Lighted Box, Size 7.5
514.Mickey Mouse Planter and Mickey Mouse Paddle Ball
515.Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh Cookie Stamps
516.Walt Disney World Mickey Mouse Bobble Head and Disney Magic Artist Classic DVD
517.Elvis Pendulum Clock
His hips swing in classic Elvis Style. Untested .
518.Assortment of Mugs Including Large Tired Mickey, Snoopy, Garfield, and More
519.Willie Nelson CDs and Book
520.Spider-Man 1 and 2 DVDs, Large Coaster, and Digital Watch
Watch untested
521.Metal California Disneyland Tray and 3 Mickey Mouse Glass Tiles
522.Elton John DVDs and Book, Tammy Wynette Tears of Fire 25th Anniversary Set, and More
523.Digital Alarm Clock, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Cards, and More
524.Decorative Box with Letter Opener, Bottle Opener Necklace, Cologne Bottle, and More
525.Wild Turkey Glass Flask with 3 Metal Lighters
526.Vintage Drop Down Ironing Board
Consignor says this will fit between studs so it will be flush with the wall.
527.Vintage Quilted Top Wooden Stool
528.Vintage Vanity Stool
529.Vintage Cookie Cutters, Stencil-a-Cookie Set, Lee's Original Corn Cutter and Creamer in Package, and More
530.Vintage Wear-Ever Aluminum Tray and 8 Aluminum Coasters
531.Framed Legend of the Sand Dollar with 2 Sand Dollars
532.Vintage Vicma Thumb Sucking Doll
533.Another Vintage Vicma Thumb Sucking Doll
534.2 Vintage Wooden Frames, Rooster Plate, and Coastal Texas Book
535.B.W. Buenilum Hammered Aluminum Pan / Bowl with Lid
536.Vintage Christmas Faberge Style Egg with Stand
537.Musical Christmas Snow Globe
Plays Silent Night
538.Swiss Musical Movement Stein with Pewter Top from Germany
539.Pirates of the Caribbean Pirate Paperweight and Nautical Clock
540.Leather Wallet, Keychain, and Phone Holder
541.The Night Before Christmas Book and Santa Bobble Head
542.San Francisco Music Box Co. Animated and Musical Mr. and Mrs. Claus
Mrs. Claus plays We Wish You a Merry Christmas. Santa plays Santa Claus is Coming to Town.
543.Large Area Rug
Approx. 93" x 60". No backing

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