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Northeast Texas Antiques & Auctions
January Estate and Consignment Online Auction - Friday, January 3 - Thursday, January 9, 2020 Begins Closing at 7:00 p.m. at the rate of 4 items per minute.

Item Description
1.Samuel Smith Shire Horse Print
Approx. 22.25" x 16.5"
2.Cobourg Collegiate Institute Junior Rugby Team 1931 Print
Approx. 33.5" x 13.5"
3.Framed U2 War Album Cover
Approx. 14.75" x 14.75"
4.Framed Vintage Paper Dolls
Approx 11.75" x 9.25"
5.Lettie Lane's Paper Doll From 1911
6.Dolly Dingle Paper Dolls From 1924
7.Dolly Dingle Paper Dolls From 1924
8.Lettie Lane's Paper Doll From 1911
9.Linda Lloyd "Sandpipers" Numbered Print
Approx 16.25" x 10.5"
10.Linda Lloyd "Plovers" Numbered Print
Approx 16.25" x 10.5"
11.12 New 4" Paint Brushes
12.12 New 4" Paint Brushes
13.Silver Plated Pitcher, Sugar And Creamer With Lid
Lid does not fit perfectly.
14.Small Serving Tray From English Silver Mfg. 211
15.2 Swivel Bar Stools
Approx. 23.5" to the seat. 16.75" deep. Some wear but still good stools. NOTE: These are being sold at 2 times the money.
16.Lot of Misc. Blue and White Decor Items
17.Royal Albert 2006 Music Box, Adderley Cup and Saucer Made in England
Music box works; no issues found
18.Set of 10 Franciscan Desert Rose Wine Goblets
19.Heavy Glass Grape Design Punch Bowl With Ladle and Another Bowl
20.2 Stemmed Carnival Glass Bowls
21.Heavy Etched Glass Serving Tray
Approx. 15.25" handle to handle
22.2 Gracie China Bowls, Crystal Candle Holder, 2 Miniature Perfume Decanters
23.Pretty Porcelain Doll With Parasol And Stand
24.8 Panel Asian Bird Print, Gold Rim Goblet, G. Miller Pottery Piece
25.Vintage Stanley Mitre Stand with Saw
Saw is approx. 34.25" long. Stand is 24" wide x 18" high. Heavy.
26.Vintage Wooden Pedestal Table
Approx 30" high x 42" wide x 37.5" deep. Usual wear
27.New Hand Held Steamer
28.Professional Woodworker Forstner Drill Bit Set In Box
29.Antique Wooden and Iron Single Tree Yoke
This is about 36" wide.
30.Vintage Beveled Mirror With Chain For Hanging
Approx. 22" x 13"
31.Nice Set Of Gerber Legendary Blades / Knives in Wooden Case
Look these up. $$
32.Vintage 1956 Claes Cat Light / TV Lamp with Glowing Eyes
Ear is chipped as seen in pictures
33.Exercise Ball With Air Pump and 15 lb. Kettle Bell Weight
34.12 lb Medicine Ball and 2 10 lb Weights
35.Mr. Coffee Espresso, Cappuccino and Latte Maker
Looks Clean and powers on. No further testing done
36.Bar or Man Cave Cabinet With Granite Top
Heavy. Approx 38.5" tall, 29.5" wide and 22.25" deep
37.Another Bar or Man Cave Cabinet With Granite Top
Heavy. Approx 38.5" tall, 29.5" wide and 22.25" deep
38.Kobalt 7' Tile Saw
Powers on; no further testing done
39.Antique Spokeshave or Scraper Plane No. 151
40.Snell & Atherton Antique Spokeshave or Scraper Plane No. 5
41.Stanley Antique Spokeshave or Scraper Plane No. 55
42.Antique Spokeshave or Scraper Plane
43.Assortment Of Different Tools
44.Another Assortment Of Different Tools
45.APC Battery Back Up With Surge Protection
Powered On. No further testing done
46.Wii Console, Wii Balance Board, and Emerson DVD Player
47.Texaco Farm Themed Print With No Glare Glass
Approx 24.5" x 18"
48.Wooden Hand Painted Coca Cola Sign
Approx 24.5" x 16.75"
49.Modified Bar Stool With Orange Tractor Seat
Approx 23" high
50.2004 Platinum Edition State Quarter Collection With Certificate Of Authenticity
51.2006 PF 70 Graded Nevada Quarter In Case
52.2000 PF70 Graded Massachusetts Quarter in Case
53.1941 Set of Coins
Includes Half Dollar, Quarter, Dime, Nickel, and Penny. Half Dollar,Quarter, & Dime are Silver.
54.2009 Miscut/Misaligned Dollar Bill
55.1995, 1976, & 1976 2 Dollar Bills
56.1935G Silver Certificate
57.1957 Silver Certificate
58.1923 "Horse Blankets" Silver Certificate
59.1937, 1943, & 1948 Silver Quarters
60.1952 Silver Half Dollar
61.1926 Silver Dollar
62.1922 Silver Dollar
63.Pair of Veldon Silver Plated Candle Sticks
64.Vintage Glastonbury Silver Plated Sugar And Creamer 203
65.Large Silver Plated Leonard Bowl
66.Silver Artists SA8 Serving Dish, BM Co. Salt & Pepper Shakers, Creamer, and Art S Co. Butter Dish With Glass Insert
All Are Silver Plated
67.2 Silver Plated Goblets
68.Silver Plated Platter With Engraving
69.Throw Made In India
Approx 50" x 50".
70.Pair of Lamps
Approx. 28" tall. Bulbs not included. Both lamps work
71.Metal Base Lamp With Maroon Shade
Approx. 23" tall. Bulb not included. Lamp works
72.Nice Metal Lamp with Fringed Shade
Approx. 23" tall Bulb included. Lamp works
73.Vintage Amber Glass Lamp
Approx. 31.5" tall. Bulb not included. Lamp works
74.2 Vintage Skillets, One Painted
75.Antique Clothes Iron With Stand
76.Metal Nut Cracker On Wood Stand
77.Vintage Fisher Price TV Radio
78.Vintage Rollman MFG. Food Chopper
79.Hand Saw
80.Another Hand Saw
Approx. 29.5" long
81.Vintage No. 16 Metal Cherry Stoner
82.Antique Western Electric Telephone
This was the last PBX phone to be pulled from Hopkins County
83.Vintage Stewart AM Radio
84.Moon Pie Tin and Assorted Pins Including Batman
85.Vintage Metal Bed Springs with Decorations
86.Chambers Belt Company Belt Buckle
87.Leather Snake Skin Print Belt Buckle
88.Rock With "In Rememberance 9-11-2001" Stamped on It with Stand
89.Silver Metal Leaf Necklace
90.Gold Metal Leaf Necklace
91.Silver Boot Necklace
92.Assortment of Vintage Watches and 1 New Watch
93.Vintage Marbles and Older Buttons in Wooden Bowl
94.2 Metal Belt Buckles With Stone in Middle
95.Queen Steel Knife with Sheath and Box
96.Metal Double Switch Light Cover with Moose
97.Vintage Clothes Iron Painted Gold
98.Vintage AMP Cable Splicer
99.Vintage Hour Saver Food Cutter with Accessories
100.Vintage Fire Extinguisher
Cone is broken off as seen in the picture
101.Coca Cola Vending Machine Cookie Jar
102.Year 2000 Coca Cola Six Pack Christmas Edition
103.Year 2003 Coca Cola Six Pack Christmas Edition
104.Old Canned Meat Key and 1953 Shoe Lacer Key
105.Vintage Shoe Lacer and 4 Keys
106.Assortment of Old Keys Including Yale, Ellis Bros, and Master
107.Assortment of Old Keys Including Sargent Greenleaf, Diebold, Presto & More
108.Assortment of Different Older Keys Including Presto, Master and Miller
109.Assortment of Pins With Turquoise Inlay
110.Assortment of 19 Pins
111.Baggie with Vintage Beads
112.2 Necklaces and One Stone Pendant
One Necklace is pink iridescent and the other is silver
113.Nice Wooden 4 Drawer Desk
Approx. 30" tall, 34.75" wide and 17" deep. The hole is 19.5" for chair
114.10x10 Canopy With Metal Frame
Case is not in the best shape but the consignor says the canopy is good. The canopy is still in the original packaging.
115.Bean Bag Tic Tac Toe Game
Bean bags not included
116.2 Very Nice Rocking Wrought Iron Chairs
117.Very Nice Wooden Framed Round Cooler With Removable/Fold able Lid
118.2 Boxes of Number 10 Wooden Joining Splines
119.1 Box of Number 20 Wooden Joining Splines
120.Bissell Little Green ProPet Heat Steamer
121.Retractable Extension Cord With 3 Plugs
122.Stanley No. 5 Hand Planer
123.2 Knives, 1 with Wooden Handle
124.Respirator / Face Mask
125.Jar With Fish Hooks
126.Assortment of Brass Lamp Parts
5 shades, 7 rings, 5 lamp shade clips
127.Metal Adjustable Desk Lamp
It works.
128.Vintage Eagle Oil Lamp
129.Vintage Oil Lamp
looks like a new burner has been put on this lamp
130.Vintage Oil Lamp
131.Vintage Folding 3 Step Stool
132.Box of Assorted Cables. Lamp, Computer, TV, AV, and More
133.Tea Pot Music Box From Japan, Smaller Tea Pot, Avignon Toscany Floral Spring Tea Pot
We could not get music box to work, the smaller tea pot has crazing
134.Vintage Hall 039 6 Cup Tea Pot and Maroon Tea Pot
135.Assortment of 3 Tea Pots
136.2 Fiesta Bowls and 1 Minton Dish
137.Vintage Sheffield Grapefruit Spoons in Box
made in England
138.Sheets Rockford Silver Plated Tea Pot and Silver Plated Platter with Legs
139.2 Sheridan Silver Plated Candle Sticks
140.Assortment of Silver Plated Dishes. Sheridan Sugar And Creamer, Butter Dish with Glass Insert and Others
141.Assortment Boxes of Different Sand Paper Pads. One Hand Sander Block
142.Senco Pneumatic Frame Pro 601 Nail Gun
143.Vintage Dayton Circular 7" Saw
144.Assortment of Different Tools Including Magnet and Eye Hoe With No Handle
145.Route 66 Metal Sign
corner is bent just a little
146.Small Lot of Misc Hand Tools
147.Another Small Lot of Misc Hand Tools
148.Large Lot of Painting Related Tools
149.Baggie With Hinges, Drawer Pulls, and Knobs
150.St. Andrews Parish Church, Charleston, SC, signed by Clarence Dobbs
This is about 34" x 28-1/4"
151.Monet's Bridge at Giverny Print
This is about 38" x 26-1/2"
152.Landscape with Azaleas
This is about 28" x 26-12/2"
153.2 Nicely Framed Paintings, 1 signed by P. Vickers
Each is about 21" x 17-1/2"
154.Framed, Matted Print of Girl with Sheep
This is about 30-1/2" x 24"
155."Sweethearts" by Frederick Morgan
This is about 30-1/2" x 24"
156.Waterfront Dining Painting in Gold Frame, signed by Berg
This is about 28-1/2" x 28-1/2"
157.Heavy Framed "Forrest at Chapel Hill, TN" Print
This is about 38-1/2" x 33"
158.Wood and Nylon Book Rack or Toy Holder
Approx 22.5" x 25" wide
159.Padded Ford Bar Stool
has some wear
160.Metal Cat Shaped Plant Stand with Large Ceramic Pot
161.Portable Gas One Burner Stove
162.Assortment of Tools Including a Craftsman AutoLock Tool
163.Versatile LED Flashlight and Hatchet
164.Stanley No. 5 Hand Planer
165.7 Pair of Assorted Gloves of Different Sizes
166.3 Rolls of Solder
167.4 Rolls of Solder
168.Large Lot of Paint Brushes. Different Sizes
169.Larger Size Paint Brushes. Some are 4"
170.Rigging Hatchet
171.Assortment of Tools: Hammers, Caulk Gun, Saw and More
172.Assortment Of Different Tools
173.Vintage Golf Clubs With Bag and Cart
Most Clubs are Bill Lyle. Strap on Bag is broken. Includes 3,4,5,5,7, & 9 irons and 1 & 3 wood
174.Vintage Letterman Jacket
175.13 Piece Farberware Professional Knife Set With Block
set includes steak knives, Shears (not marked Farberware) and other knives
176.2 Selfie Sticks.
38" reach
177.Flower Themed Vase and Bird and Rose Themed Jewelry Case
178.2 Drawer Night Stand
Approx. 29" tall, 28" wide and 16" deep
179.2 Drawer Night Stand
Missing a pull knob. Approx. 29" tall, 28" wide and 16" deep
180.Vintage 3 Tier Magazine Rack With Removable Sides
181.2 Vintage Glass Jars With Lids
182.2 Vintage Glass Jars With Lids
183.Large Ball Ideal Jar
184.2 Door Cabinet With Large Shelf
185.8x8 Anchor Dinnerware Dish and 1.5 QT. Dish With Lid
186.ONN Bluetooth Earbuds and a Tie With 6 stick Pins
187.Noritake Bone China "Children Around the World" Christmas Ornament Holland
188.1952 Degas Book with 16 Color Prints and a 1930 Butterick "Making Smart Clothes Book
189.A Ronald Reagan Autographed Picture to Milton and a Music Program to a Child Pianist, Genius Josef Hofmann
190.1979 Movie Poster of The Frisco Kid with Gene Wilder and a Young Harrison Ford, and A Saga of Death Valley with Roy Rogers Advertisement Piece
191.Alex Pauker 2002 Reflections Print
8.5" x 7". Comes with Certificate of Authenticity and a sheet about the painter
192.Charles Lee 2006 Andante Print
7" x 9 3/8". Comes with Certificate of Authenticity and a sheet about the painter
193.Alex Perez 2002 Lavender in Provence Print
6.75" x 8.75". Comes with Certificate of Authenticity and a sheet about the painter
194.Alex Perez 2002 Lavender in Provence Print
6.75" x 8.75". Comes with Certificate of Authenticity and a sheet about the painter
195.Misha Linn 2002 Commonwealth in Bloom Print
6.75" x 11". Comes with Certificate of Authenticity and a sheet about the painter
196.4 Gold Chargers
197.6 Red Chargers
some are scratched on the side
198.Assortment of Harley Davidson Patches and Pins
199.Assortment of Harley Davidson Patches and Pins
200.Assortment of Harley Davidson Patches and Pins
201.Assortment of Harley Davidson Patches and Pins
202.Assortment of Harley Davidson Patches and Pins
203.Blue Denim Harley Davidson Shirt. Size XL
204.Tan Harley Davidson Sweat Shirt. Size XL
205.Harley Davidson Sweat Shirt 2003 Size XL
206.Black Short Sleeve Harley Davidson Shirt. Size XXL
207.Harley Davidson Sweat Shirt. Size XL
208.Wooden Barrel Style Bucket on Stand
Approx. 21" tall and 12.5" diameter
209.3 Hand Made Wooden Boxes of Various Sizes
210.Large Ceramic Leopard Made in Mexico
has some blemishes as shown in pics
211.Set of 4 Place Mats, 4 Napkins and 8 Wooden Napkin Rings
212.Wooden Box, Wooden 2 Piece Bud Vase, Small Wooden Bird House, Perfume Holder
213.Vintage Marbles in Jar, Matchbox, Hot Wheels and TootsieToy Cars
214.4 1984 Captain America Comics
Dec (300), Jan (301) Feb (302) March (303)
215.4 1984 Captain America Comics
April (304) May (305) June (306) July (307)
216.4 1984 Captain America Comics
Aug (308) Sept (309) Oct (310) Nov (311)
217.5 1981 Dazzler Comic Books
March (1) April (2) May (3) June (4) July (5)
218.Comics: Excalibur, Captain America & Classics Illustrated
219.Wooden Oval Basket with Ceramic Saucer & Planter & Wicker Basket with Silk Flowers
220.Dutch Masters Cigar Box Filled with Misc. Items
Vintage Glass Cutter, Baseball cards, wooden nickels, and more
221.Glen Beck Common Sense, Yankee Pasha and Other Book
222.Vintage Books and 2020 Journal
223.2 Leather Wallets and a Large Multi Tool with Hammer and Axe
224.Vintage Ledger Book
225.2 Pack New Rain Gauges
226.American Folk Art Print, Several Plate Holders and Needlepoint Duck Picture
227.JFK Assassination Historical Journal and The King's Body Guard For Scotland Pamplet
228.Wooden Oval Box, Yacht Club Plate, Nut Cracker and Small Flower Pot
229.Metal Tray and Assortment of Bowls
230.6 Panel Electrical Breaker Box
231.Assortment of Scrapers with Extra Blades
232.Flexible Landscape Edging
233.STC Electric Space Heater
It works
234.Seasons Comfort Electric Space Heater
It works
235.Lasco Electric Space Heater
It works
236.Honeywell Electric Space Heater
It works
237.KitchenAide Mixer with Accessories
238.Milwaukee Heavy Duty Electric Jig Saw
It works
239.Arnold Schwarzenegger For Governor Campaign Poster
This was taken off the highway in California when he was running for Governor.
240.Red Metal Toolbox with Extra Shelf and Misc Tools
241.Gallon of Tractor and Truck Grey Oil Base Paint
242.Geneva Watch From Japan and a Blue Stone Pendant Necklace
243.Ring with 3 Diamonique and a Black Stone Necklace
244.Dolphin Necklace, 2 Stick Pins, and More
245.Horse Necklace and 2 Unmatched Cuff Links
246.Shell Necklace, Brown Beaded Necklace, Turtle Bobble Head made out of Shells, and Shell Earrings
247.Long Beaded Necklace, Tear Drop Pendant, Gold Tone Clip On Earrings
248.2 Light Metal Sconce with Bead Embellishments
Wiring to be hard wired.
249.Campbell's Soup Mug and Set of 20 Campbell's Note Cards with Envelopes
250.2 Frosted Glass Flower Themed Vases, 1 with Stopper, and 1 Glass Bell
251.Jack Daniels Glass, 2 Novelty Possom and Armadillo Cans, Glass Bowl with 3 Decorative Balls.
252.Allegro Stoneware Set of Dishes in Hearthside design
13 dinner plates, 8 cups, 10 saucers, 9 bowls, 8 salad plates, sugar bowl & creamer
253.16 Cut Glass Tumblers
254.Metal Collapsible Clothes Hanger/Dryer
Approx. 39.75" tall x 14.5" deep x 22.5" wide
255.Playmobil School Tower Play Set From Germany in Early 1980"s
256.2 Small Green Oil Lamps
Globe on 1 lamp is broken.
257.2 Small Oil Lamps, 1 with Brown Airplane Design
258.2 Small Oil Lamps, 1 with Metal Design around Base & 1 Maine Souvenir Lamp without Globe
259.2 Oil Lamps, Small Blue One without Globe
260.Unique Small Brown Oil Lamp
261.2 Oil Lamps, 1 with Blue Tinting and 1 with Designs Around Base
262.Royal Albert Lady Hamilton Plate with Plate Stand
263.Bean Bag Toss Collapsible Game
A couple of the legs to prop the game up need to be screwed back on. Easy fix
264.8 Assorted 45 Records Including Prince and Captain and Tennille
265.Assortment of 4 Beanie Babies With Tags
266.12 Assorted Antique Crystals
267.2 Spools of Crochet Thread, 2 Sewing/Craft Magazines, Crochet Hooks and Ribbon
268.Vintage Singer Sewing Machine Box with Several Attachments
269.Metal Framed Mirror for Dresser, Coat Rack, 2 Multi Hangers
270.2 Unique Alladin Water Bottles
The top screws off to make a bigger opening so that you can add ice to your drink.
271.White Angel, The Other has Stained Glass Wings
272.Beautiful Ceramic Angel With Doves and Flowers
273.Minolta X-370 35mm Camera with Extra Lenses
274.Collapsible Pet / Child Gate
Goes from 43" down to 24"
275.Nice Handmade Cedar Bench with Arms
40" x 56" x 23-1/2"
276.Nice Heavy Handmade Cedar Bench
Approx 16" tall x 43.75" wide x 10.5" deep
277.Another Nice Heavy Handmade Cedar Bench
Approx 16" tall x 47.75" wide x 10.5" deep
278.Glacier Bay Double Shower Head
Consignor says this is new.
279.Vintage Western Design Purse
280.Vintage White Beaded Purse
very clean
281.Old Tilting Frame with Portrait
282.Older Coffee Peculator, Jar with Cookie Cutters, 2 Sets of Cookie Cutters
283.Small Stackable Trays, the Stand is Stamped Pewter. 2 Larger Discs Marked Colonial Pewter by Boardman
284.Relic Watch, Assortment of Necklaces and Pendant
285.Assortment of Necklaces and Key
286.2 Necklaces and Key
287.Small 3 Drawer Jewelry Box
288.Tea Pot, 16 Popcorn Holders, Mickey Mouse Mold, Metal and Wood Strainer and A Great Seal of the United States Plate
289.Brass Bird Themed Coat Hanger, Kitchen Wooden Sign, Small Bottle with Buttons
290.24% Lead Crystal Frame From Czech Republic
291.2 Metal Signs and a Metal Texas Star
Today's not your day is 15" x 12", Ride Free is 17" x 12", and Star is 11-1/4" diameter
292.Jenga Game, Small Flask, Boot Horn
293.Assortment of 4 Signs/Plaques
294.3 Metal Wrought Iron Toppers, Vintage Lamp with Metal Stand
295.Marshall Pottery Beverage Dispenser With Lid
296.Sears and Roebuck Vintage 4 Piece Canister Set
has some normal wear and one of the lids is cracked
297.Nylon School Jacket with Assorted Patches
Someone may want these patches for a craft project
298.6 Reams of 500 Sheet Blue Copy Paper
299.Another 6 Reams of 500 Sheet Blue Copy Paper
300.10 Reams (Case) of Buff Colored Paper
301.Marcrest Pitcher and 4 Mugs
some of the pieces have small blemishs.
302.2 Marcrest Cannisters
The lid has a small chip as well as the cannister. One of the canisters looks like paint. I think it can come off.
303.2 Marcrest Casserole Dishes with Lids
the bowls have no issues but one of the lids has been chipped and repaired.
304.Marcrest Divided Dish
305.2 Marcrest Pitchers and Cups
the cups are not stamped Marcrest. 3 of the pieces have wear as seen in pictures
306.Vintage Knight's Castle Playmobil Set From Germany From Early 1980'S
307.1991 Thomas Kincade Flags Over the Capital Print with Nice Frame
308.104th Riding Into the New Millennium Stockyards Signed Print
309.Wooden Water Wheel Fountain
Consignor said this works, we did not test
310.Cooler/Heater That Hooks Up To The Car
untested. Consignor said this works
311.Glass Punch Bowl with 11 Glass Cups, 11 Plastic Hanger Hooks & Plastic Ladle
312.Portable 2-Light Work Light on Stand
This is about 39" tall. 1 light works and 1 does not; might be burned out;
313.3 Painted Tile Trivets on Metal Bases
314.3 Metal Trivets
315.Vintage Glass Absolutely Milk Bottle with Blue Tint
316.Glass Milk Bottle Embossed "Milk 1888"
317.2 Small Glass Milk Bottles: Maple Brook and Midwest
318.Glass Quality Blue Ribbon Milk Bottle
319.Glass Vermont Country Milk Bottle
320.Wooden Placque / Spoon Rack
321.Three Mountaineers Wood Tray with Needlepoint Covered with Glass
322.2 Clamps
323.Square Flower Print
324.2 Black and White Framed Artwork Pieces
325.Canvas Print of Flowers
326.3 Glass Milk Bottles: Alamito, Graystone, and Swanson's Creamery with Lid
327.8GD Cast Iron Skillet
328.Cast Iron Griddle Pan
329.Heavy Cast Iron Skillet Marked B
330.Wagner Ware Sidney Cast Iron Skillet
331.Old Rare Cast Iron Cornbread Pan Marked B
332.Indian Print in Wooden Frame
This is about 18" x 25".
333.Framed Jigsaw Puzzle of Birds in Nature
This is about 26" x 20-1/4".
334.Painting of Flowers by Richards in Wooden Frame
This is about 13-1/2" x 15-3/4"
335.Still Life Oil Painting by Benno in Golden Frame
336.Framed Music to "Amazing Grace" and Picture of Church
This is about 19" x 11-1/4"
337.Nice Framed Mirror
This is about 24" x 20"
338.Canvas Picture of Vehicles on Road, signed by Grainger
This is about 21" square.
339.Picture of Flowers Matted and Framed Nicely
340.Thomas Kinkade Print in Nice Frame
This is about 33-1/2" x 28"
341.8 Piece (Including Lids) Canister Set with Flower / Pansy Design
One small chip as shown in photo; does not affect functionality
342.Metal Tea Pot with Flower / Pansy Design
343.Painted Plate, Milk Glass Tumbler, and 2 cut Glass Candy Dishes, 1 with Lid
344.Plastic / Resin Angel
345.2 Plastic / Resin Angels
346.4 Limited Edition United Design Corp. Angels: Peace, Hope, Faith, & Joy
347.Music Box Angel, Plays "Amazing Grace"
348.Stained Glass Hummingbird on Metal Ring
349.Stained Glass Angel with Chain to Hang Her
350.4 Bradford Exchange "Heaven's Gentle Touch" Angels
Angel of Caring, Angel of Love, Angel of Compassion, and Angel of Hope
351.Lot of Hummingbird Figurines, 1 is Home Interiors
352.More Hummingbird Figurines, larger 1 is Montifiori Italy Design
353.More Hummingbird Decor: Handpainted Saw Blade and Glass Pieces
354.More Hummingbird Decor: Music Box and Other Figurines
355.Lightweight Metal Cross
356.Lot of 6 Miscellaneous Glass Vases
357.3 Bracelets
358.Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball
359.2 Porcelain Dolls on Stands
360.Mother and Daughter Porcelain Dolls on Stand
361.Porcelain Doll in Purple on Stand
362.Porcelain Doll and Her Baby Doll
363.5 Unique Ceramic Carousel Animals on Wooden Bases, Craffted in Thailand
364.6 Unique Ceramic Carousel Animals on Wooden Bases, Craffted in Thailand
Giraffe appears to have chipped horns
365.Nice Japanese Themed Figurine with Cherry Blossom on Wooden Stand
366.Ceramic Numbered Napcoware Turkey Planter from Japan
367.John Deere Tractor Seat Stool
368.Vintage 4-Drawer Black Metal File Cabinet, Legal Size Drawers
I could not get the bottom drawer to close all the way
369.Interior Door
Approx. 80" x 36"
370.Screen Door Frame
Approx 80" x 36.5"
371.Screen Door
Approx 80" x 36"
372.Heavy Door
Approx 74" x 38"
373.Another Heavy Door
Approx 74" x 38"
374.4-Drawer Metal File Cabinet, Legal Size Drawers
375.2 Sections of Vintage Stackable Metal File Drawers
Each 4-drawer section is about 24" x 16" x 8" tall.
376.Another 2 Sections of Vintage Stackable Metal File Drawers
Each 4-drawer section is about 24" x 16" x 8" tall.
377.Vintage U.S. Trunk Co. Acker suitcase
This is about 16-1/2" x 18" x 11-1/4"
378.Thule Quest Sweden Canvas Vehicle Rooftop Storage for Luggage
379.Vintage 2 Tier Wooden Lamp Table
This is about 24" tall, 24-3/4" long and 15-1/2" wide
380.Vintage Painted Wooden End Table Magazine Rack
This is about 24" x 15" and 23-1/2" tall
381.Wooden Child's Toy Box with Abacus on 1 Side & Shape Cut-outs on Other
382.Electder i37 Headphones
383.2 Art Prints from Park West with Certificates of Authenticity
Artists Charles Lee and Yuval Wolfson
384.2 Art Prints from Park West with Certificates of Authenticity
Artists Linda Le Kinf and Duaiv
385.2 Art Prints from Park West with Certificates of Authenticity
Artists Dominic Pangborn and Andrew Bone
386.Nice Woven Basket
387.Plastic Baby Bathtub with Insert
388.Marshall Pottery Beer Can Chicken Cooker
389.3 Thomas Ceramics Canisters with Lids
390.Vintage Bromwell Metal Sifter
391.Thomas Ceramics Pitcher
392.2010 Jim Shore Angel, Our Savior is Born
393.Ceramic Elephant Tea Pot with Lid
394.2 Place Setting Metal Camping Dishes and Coffee Pot
395.Heavy Etched Glass Covered Cake Plate
396.Pair of Tan / Gold Grommeted Curtain Panels
Each is about 48" wide and 84" long.
397.6 Round Doilies in Varying Sizes
398.Baby Quilt
This is about 38-1/2" x 35-1/2"
399.2 Linen Tablecloths, 1 floral and 1 red
Each is about 70" x 50"; Red 1 has stain as shown in photo; might come out.
400.White Eyelet Full Size Bedskirt
401.Another Eyelet Full Size Bedskirt
402.Vintage Bates Full Size Cotton Bedspread
No issues found.
403.Vintage Ecru Full Sized Crocheted Bedspread / Coverlet
404.Twin Size Down Comforter
Stain on reverse side as shown in photo
405.2 Baby Quilts
Pink 1 is about 42" x 35" and the purple is about 36" x 36"
406.1 Green Tablecloth, 4 Cotton Placemats, & 4 Cross-Stitched Cloth Napkins
Tablecloth is about 71" x 51" Napkins have some stains as shown in photos
407.4 Lace Curtain Panels
Each is about 81" x 39"
408.Vintaqe Hedstrom Baby Carriage
409.Metal Stool with Padded Seat
This is about 28" tall and 16" diameter
410.150 psi 6 Gallon Porter Cable Air Compressor
411.Portable Air Tank
412.Painted Wooden Trunk
This is about 32" long, 16-1/4" wide, and 14" deep.
413.Hard Plastic Padded Gun Guard by Plano Gun Case
This is about 48" long and 11" wide.
414.Michelin Emergency Roadside Kit, Unused
415.Metal Tonka Dump Truck
416.Focal Brand Binoculars in Case
417.Brown Decorative Tall Stoneware Bottle / Vase
418.Epson Expression Home XP-310 Small-in-One Printer
Appears to be new in box.
419.Adjustable Floor Lamp
It works.
420.Set of 3 Vintage TV Trays.
Approx. 25" tall x 21" wide x 15" deep. These appear to have metal surfaces and have different scenes on each tray.
421.3 Clear Acrylic Picture Frames. 3" x 2" Pictures
422.2 Sets of 3 Gold Frames
3" x 5"
423.Lot of 5 Assortment of Frames
424.Vintage Folding Clothes Rack / Dryer
This is about 29" wide, 15" deep and 37" tall.
425.3 Art Squares Connected Together
This is about 29" across and 24" tall
426.Beautiful Vintage China Cabinet
2 pieces Bottom is about 69" wide, 31-1/2" tall, & 17-1/2" deep. Top piece is about 66" wide, 52" tall, and 14" deep. We believe door pulls are Bakelite which dates this back to early 1900's
427.Discovery Expedition Wonderwall Entertainment Projector
Adjustable image size up to 120" screen. New in box.
428.Canvas Carrying Case with Adjustable Velcro Compartments
Can be used for different crafts, travel, camera bag, etc. This is about 20" long, 14-1/2" wide, & 6" deep
429.12 4" Paintbrushes, New
430.The Friendly Village china by Johnson Bros., made in England, 16 pieces
4 dinner plates, bowls, cups, & saucers
431.The Friendly Village china by Johnson Bros., made in England, 4 pieces
1 mug and 3 bread & butter plates
432.6 22Kt Gold Autum Gold Design Plates
A little crazing and a crack on one
433.Vintage Glass Tassos Olive Jar with Lid
434.Wooden Welcome Sign with Chicken Theme
435.Rustic Metal Outdoor Wind Chime with Chicken / Rooster Theme
436.Plaster Battery Operated Bumble Bee Design Clock
437.Small Table Lamp with Dangling 'Beads and Blue Glow Setting
It works.
438.Tall Pink Glass Bottle with Rustic Wire Wrapped
439.Small Metal, Glass & Mirror Display Case / Shelf
This is about 13-1/2" tall.
440.Nice Wood & Beveled Glass Humidor
441.Metal Boot Wall Decor
442.Metal Star Wall Decor
443.Metal Star with Texas Stars & Green/Red & Beige Stripes Wall Decor
444.3 Off White Wall Decor Pieces
445.Decorative Metal Pieces: 2 Big Stars, 4 Smaller Stars, 1 Cross & 1 Bottle Opener
4 smaller stars and cross have spikes/nails on back
446.Cat in the Hat Glass Tumbler and Plush Toy
447.Vintage Small Wooden Utensil/Tool Caddy and Vintage Rockwood Mitre Box
448.Misc. Coffee Cups and Green Aladdin Mason Jar with Lid and Straw
449.3 Green Fish Plates, 4 Medium Size & 4 Small Dishes
OLIVES is stamped on bottom of larger plates.
450.Pink and White Heart Shaped Cupcakes Stoneware Pan
451.6 Commemorative Plates: 1975, 1979, 1980, 1981, & 1982
452.2 Corelle Meadow Design Oval Plates and 1 Salem China Colonial Fireside Plate
453.Round Chimney Cleaner Set
454.11 Libby 3-1/2" Glass Bubble Balls
Can be used for centerpieces or other decor
455.About 60 Menu Sleeves
These are about 17-1/2" x 11-1/2" each
456.6 Encore Red Wine Glasses by Monarch in Box
457.6 White Wine Glasses in Box
458.5 Heavy Glass Stemmed Beer Mugs
459.Another 5 Heavy Glass Stemmed Beer Mugs
460.7 Metal Salt & Pepper Caddies, 5 Sets of Salt & Pepper Shakers Plus 1 Smaller Salt & Pepper Shaker Set
461.6 Hard Plastic Sweetener Packet Holders
462.4 Assorted Syrup Dispensers, Used
463.12 Libby Heavy Glass Tumblers
Not same glasses as pictured on box
464.14 Small White Arcoroc Glass Appetizer Trays
465.5 Quorum Intl. Ceiling Fan Light Kits, New
466.Another 6 Quorum Intl. Ceiling Fan Light Kits, New
467.6 Heineken Glasses
Some of the white Heineken lettering on back of glasses is missing as shown in photos
468.24 White 8" China Bowls marked AMKO, Exclusively for American Airlines on Bottom
469.7 Ceramic Community Coffee Sweetener Packet Holders
470.8 Ceramic Community Coffee Sweetener Packet Holders
471.Altus Athletic Ankle Weights and Gold's Gym Resistance Band
472.Dumb Bell Weights, 2 3 lb. And 2 5 lb.
473.Exercise DVDs and Books
474.3 Vintage Goebel Egg Dishes from Germany
475.Another 3 Vintage Goebel Egg Dishes from Germany
476.Welcome to the Lake Dish Towel / Hand Towel
477.American Metal Ware Commercial Coffee Maker
478.Pink "Love" Print
Perfect Valentines present. This is about 23-1/2" square
479.Wooden Painted "But First Coffee" Sign
This is about 15" x 11-3/4"
480.Wooden Painted Wine Bottles Sign
This is about 19" X 15"
481.6 3" Casters, New in Box
482.Another 5 3" Casters, New in Box
483.Casio SE-G1 Cash Register
Powers on.
484.2 Rolls of White 1-1/2" x 1" Stickers/Labels
485.Another 2 Rolls of White 1-1/2" x 1" Stickers/Labels
486.3 Gun Locks
1 is Crown CableLock, 1 is Project Childsafe
487.Another 3 Gun Locks
1 is Remington, 1 is Project Childsafe
488.Another 3 Gun Locks
1 is Ruger, 1 is Project Childsafe, and 1 is Regal, designed to fit several Remington models.
489.Reversible Image Mirror on Silver Colored Stand
490.Metal Clamshell Trigger Gun Lock by Firearm Safety Devices Corporation
491.Vintage Dexter Draftsman Pencil Sharpener
492.Vintage Metal Frame Magnifying Glass
493.Deputy Dan Figure and an Angel Little Girl Figure
has some wear
494.Vintage Greenville Bottling & Mfg. Co. Green Bottle
495.Vintage NuGrape Bottle
496.Vintage Dr. Pepper Bottle
497.Vintage TruGrape Bottle
498.John Wayne Collectible Coffee Mug
499.Antique Letter Press Numbers Set in Wooden Box
Includes 0 through 8; 6 can be used for 9.
500.Boston 2612 12" Heavy Duty Paper Cutter
501.3-Hole Punch, 5,000 Staples, and Desk Bell
502.Brass Greyhound Dog Figurine
503.2 Resin Dog Figurines
One has chip on one ear.
504.Vintage Plastic Slot Machine Bank
Wheel turns when handle is pulled.
505.2 Cut Glass Pieces: Stemmed Bowl / Dish and Lidded Dish
506.Nice Office Chair
507.BL Scotch Whiskey Framed Print
This is about 22-1/2" x 18"
508.Beautiful Antique Zenith Shutter Dial Console Radio
It lights up and the different dials change
509.2 Sony and 2 Pioneer Stereo Speakers
510.Homemade Fan / Blower
511.Another Homemade Fan / Blower
512.3 Framed Album Covers
513.Framed Grouse Brand Whiskey Print
This is about 18-3/4" x 15-1/2"

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