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CLOSED - February Estate and Consignment Auction, Including Jerry Davis Items - Friday, February 7 - Thursday, February 13 2020 Begins Closing at 7:00 p.m. at the rate of 4 items per minute.

Item Description
1.Vintage Elna Primula 410 Sewing Machine with Case
not tested. Comes with pedal
2.7 Pair of Assorted Gloves
3.3 Assorted Sizes of Water Resistant Bags
4.Altama Size 12 Lace Leather Boots
5.Survival Kit. Includes Surefire Hurricane Lamp
flashlight needs batteries and Surefire Hurricane light was not tested.
6.Metal Ammo Box
7.Another Metal Ammo Box
8.2 Metal Kettle/Pots with Handles
these are approx. 15" in diameter. One of these has a small rust spot that has gone all the way through as seen in picture.
9.Harley Davidson Horseshoe Set with Extra Pair of Horseshoes
with case and poles
10.Pick Ax
11.Strato Flare 219 Kit with 3 Reflective Triangles and Case
12.Laclede Truck Tire Chains
Size 10-15LT
13.Another Pair of Truck Tire Chains
Unopened. Size 10-15LT
14.Heavy Duty Towing Chain
Approx 12'
15.2 Small Crystal Tiara's
16.2 Crystal Bracelets, 2 Crystal Rings, 2 Pair Purple Earrings
Costume Jewelry
17.2 Crystal Rings, 1 Crystal Tennis Bracelet
Missing a stone
18.Assortment of Red Hat Purple and Red Jewelry
19.Vintage Porcelain/China Doll With Whisk Broom
20.Large Thomas Kinkade Lamplight Brooks Print with Letter of Authenticity
Approx. 44.5" x 38". NO GLASS but still nicely framed and matted.
21.Nice Print of Tuba Player and His Dog
Approx. 22.5" x 18"
22.Vintage Handmade Needlepoint Print
Approx 26" x 21.5"
23.Away In A Manger Print by Paula Vaughn
Approx. 26.75" 21"
24.Draw Poker Print by Andy Thomas
Approx 18" x 13.25"
25.Print of 5 Local Lovers by Martha Wahlert
Approx 19.5" x 19.5"
26.Oil Painting by Lois Pruitt
Approx 21.75" x 18.5"
27.Nice Wooden Framed Beveled Mirror
Approx 33" x 26.5"
28.The Somedunce Kid Comic Book
Cannot find a date.
29.Kiwanis Belt Buckle With Turquoise Accent
30.Boy Scout Neck Tie, Assortment of Openers
Hamms Can Opener, Irvin Ware Can Opener from Italy
31.Assortment of 5 Souvenir Spoons
32.Assortment of 5 Souvenir Spoons
33.Triplet Jewelry Loupe/Magnifying Glass
34.Fenton Pink and White Vase
35.Norleans Ceramic Vase
36.Nice White Fenton Candy Dish
37.Metal Coca Cola Truck
Looks vintage but not sure of age.
38.Die Cast Coca Cola Truck
39.Kinsmart Metal Truck with Surf Board on Top
40.2 Vintage Hot Wheels Cars
41.Mash Hawkeye Distilled Vodka IV Bottle
42.1861-1865 Civil War Indian Head Cent
43.Lot of 6 Buffalo Head Nickels
44.Lot of 8 Assorted Foreign Coins
45.Lot of 6 Buffalo Head Nickels
46.1977 Kennedy Half Dollar Proof Condition
47.1776-1976 Bicentennial Eisenhower Dollar
48.Lot of 9 NFL Pro Set Football Cards From 1991
49.Eisenhower 1972 Proof Dollar with Case
50.Set of 4 Very Nice 1972 Uncirculated Olympic Coins
51.Vintage Powder Compact
52.1925 Standing Liberty Quarter
53.1999 Mint Error Penny
54.1909 VDB Lincoln Head Cent
55.Glass Blown Horse
Jerry Davis
56.Hand Made Bird House
Jerry Davis
57.Hand Made Bird House by Jerry Davis
58.Hand Made Bird House by Jerry Davis
59.Hand Made Bird House by Jerry Davis
60.Metal Wall Hanging
Jerry Davis
61.Metal Wall Cross
Jerry Davis
62.Metal Wall Hanging
Jerry Davis
63.Metal Wall Hanging
Jerry Davis
64.Wooden Key To Hang Keys
Jerry Davis
65.2 3D Leaf Design Wall Hangings
Jerry Davis, Approx. 14" x 14"
66.2 Heavy Wall Decor Hangings
Jerry Davis, Approx 19.5" x 7.5"
67.Wall Picture With Seed Theme
Jerry Davis, Approx 30" x 15"
68.2 Metal Decorative Wall Hangings
Jerry Davis, Approx 35" x 10.5"
69.Large Metal Decorative Wall Decor
Jerry Davis, Approx 34" x 30"
70.Rustic Welcome Metal Sign
Jerry Davis, Approx 24" round
71.White Metal Table/ Plant Stand
Jerry Davis, Approx 28" tall and 12" on top
72.Black Metal Table/Plant Stand With Tile Top
Jerry Davis, Approx 30" tall and 12" on top
73.Wooden Table/Plant Stand with What Looks Like Marble Top
Jerry Davis, Approx 28" x 12" on top
74.Very Nice Wooden Table/Sofa Table
Jerry Davis, Approx 25.5" x 50" x 17"
75.Wooden Box
Jerry Davis, Approx 5.25" x 14.5" x 8.5"
76.Metal Base Lamp with Leather Type Shade
Jerry Davis, Approx 24" high Lamp works
77.Very Nice Lamp
Jerry Davis, Approx 36" high Lamp works
78.Nice Ornate Table Lamp
Jerry Davis, Approx 28" high Lamp works
79.Wooden Bench
Jerry Davis, Approx 18" tall, 41.5" long and 14" deep
80.Red Wire Basket with Leaf Accents
Jerry Davis, Approx 17" long
81.Metal Planter
Jerry Davis, Approx 8.5" tall
82.Scent Wax Warmer
Jerry Davis, This works.
83.Vintage Wear Ever Hand Juicer
Jerry Davis
84.Oster Electric Mixer
Jerry Davis, Has retractable cord.
85.Hay/Ice Hook and Crayola Tin
Jerry Davis
86.Antique Flat Iron with Wood Handle
Jerry Davis; Looks like it has been modified.
87.Old Grinding Stone with Wood Handle
Jerry Davis
88.Hand Made White Wooden Planter Box
Jerry Davis; Approx 9.5" x 21.75" x 14.5"
89.2 Like New Yard Butler Gardening Tools
Jerry Davis
90.Glass Cactus
Jerry Davis
91.Hand Made Bird House by Jerry Davis
Jerry Davis
92.Vintage Wooden Heart Shaped Thread Holder
Jerry Davis
93.Nice Smaller Metal Wash Tub
Jerry Davis, Approx 14.75" diameter
94.Small Electric Heater
Jerry Davis; This works.
95.Handmade Wooden Table With Shelf by Jerry Davis
Approx 28" tall, 28" wide and 20" deep
96.Small Black Metal Plant Stand
Jerry Davis
97.1 TC-Q Stick Fishing Rod and 1 Hawg 733 Reel with Platinum Okuma Fishing Rod
Jerry Davis
98.1 Turbo 120-38i Fishing Reel with a Shakespeare Cirrus Graphite Rod
Jerry Davis
99.Small Wooden Magazine Rack/End Table with Drawer
Approx 24.5" tall, 15" wide and 10.5" deep
100.Wooden Stool with Tractor Seat on Top
Approx 27" tall
101.Cloth Covered Ottoman
Approx 14" tall, 22.5" long, and 16" deep
102.Antique Wooden Trunk With Shelf
Approx 17" x 28" x 14.75"
103.Weaver Glass Quality Blue Ribbon Milk Bottle
104.Atlas, Nanny's Oven, Double Safety, & Atlas Wide Mouth Fruit Jars
105.Drey, Crown, Knox Mason, & Kerr Self Sealing Fruit Jars and Old Smokey Moonshine Jar
106.2 Kerr Self Sealing, 1 Atlas Strong Shoulder, 1 Le Parfait, & 1 other Fruit Jars
107.Mason Bicentennial, Samco, Double Safety, Le Parfait, & 1 other Fruit Jars
108.Atlas Strong Shoulder, Crown Mason, Drey Perfect Mason, & Double Safety Fruit Jars
109.4 Collectible Ball Fruit Jars
110.4 Collectible Ball Fruit Jars, 1 Blue
111.5 Collectible Ball Fruit Jars, 1 Blue
112.4 Collectible Ball Fruit Jars, 1 Blue
113.5 Collectible Ball Fruit Jars, 1 Blue
114.Vintage Wooden Square Table
115.Vintage Oil Lamp
116.Oil Lamp
117.Cut Glass Electric Lamp
118.Nice Vintage Electric Lamp with Shade
119.Metal Base Electric Lamp
120.Small Milk Glass Electric Lamp
121.Vintage Smaller Oil Lamp
Lamp collar needs to be re-glued to base.
122.Rayo Brass Type Electric Lamp
123.Vintage Smith Glass Daisy and Button Oil Lamp
124.Like New Ear Protection for Gun Range
125.2 White Metal Storage Drawers
the large one is approx. 11" high, 20.75" x 20.75". the little one is 6" high and 21" x 16.5" deep
126.Rival Small Crock Pot with Hand Cheese Grater
Crock Pot Works
127.Walmart Portable Single Burner
128.Assortment of Stuff
Small hair dryer, toothpaste squeezers, stone ashtray and new mouse traps
129.Vintage Coil Spring Exercise Equipment & Handmade Drum Sticks
Drum sticks are different sizes
130.Composite Laptop Tray
131.California King Reversible Comforter, Bed Skirt, 3 Throw Pillows,2 Euro Shams, 2 King Shams
132.Hand Made Wooden Decor With Texas Theme
Approx 19" x 21.25"
133.Black Metal Frame Cork Board and Picture Frame
134.Red Panini Press
135.Lot of Different Kitchen Items Including Corelle Cups, Paper Towel Holder, Scoop and Tin
136.2 Large Curtain Panels with Valance
Curtain Panels are 7' x 5' Each
137.2 Large Lace Panels, Lace on 3 Sides
Approx 9.5' x 7'. Bed Skirt?
138.3 Lace Tablecloths
Approx 5'4" in diameter
139.Tulle Panel with Butterflies and Flowers
Approx 6.5' x 32"
140.White Tablecloth and 12 Napkins
Cotton/flower sack material, Tablecloth Approx 6' x 54"
141.Dell Windows 7 Computer (Tower Only)
Avast Anti Virus Installed, 350GB Hard Drive and 4 GB RAM
142.Wooden Bird House
Jerry Davis
143.Wooden Bird House with Funny Face
Jerry Davis
144.Miniature Wooden Wishing Well
Jerry Davis; Has little bit of chips in the plastic liner of well.
145.4 Stone Arrow Heads
Jerry Davis; 1 Large, 3 Small
146.Metal Hanging Chalkboard
147.5 Small Inspirational Sayings Signs
148.Shower Curtain Hangers, Drawer Knobs, Knob Set
149.Wooden Sign
150.3 Mainstay Mugs
151.5 Antique Mattress Springs
152.Vtech Audio Baby Monitor
153.Whimsical Lavender/Light Pink Purse Lamp
It works.
154.Vintage Woosies Soda Bottle
155.Metal Ash Tray Stand with Amber Glass Ash Tray
156.Metal Ash Tray Stand
157.Nice Wooden Box with Stealth Barrels Label
Approx 7.5" deep, 23.5" x 19.5"
158.Vintage Wooden Rocking Chair
Has some repairs
159.Wooden Decorative Tea Cart with Removable Tray
Approx 25" high, 27" wide and 22" wide
160.Nice Vintage Wooden Rocking Chair
161.3 Legged Table with Bottom Shelf
Approx 23" tall and 15.5" diameter top
162.Smaller Pedestal Table
Approx 24" tall and 15.25" diameter top
163.Metal Mop Bucket From the 1930's
164.Vintage Childs Rocking Chair with Woven Seat
165.Metal Decorative Cross
Jerry Davis; Approx 31" x 23"
166.Walt Disney Numbered Snow White Collectors Plate
167.Size 7 Ellie High Heel Shoes
168.Metal Fireplace Tool
169.Full House Complete Series DVD's
170.Anne Michelle High Heel Shoes Size 6.5
171.Otter Box Protective Case for Tablet
172.Glee The Television Series Complete DVD Series
173.Glee The Television Series Assortment
174.Glee The Television Series Wii Game and DVD Assortment
175.Glee The Television Series Canvas Shoulder Bag
176.Rival 3 Speed Mixer with Paddles
powers on, no further testing done
177.Metal Pitcher with 5 Cups, 2 Aztec Theme Planters/Vases
178.2 Candles with Decorative Ring
179.Battery Operated Horse Themed Clock
180.Dog Planter and 2 Chicken/Rooster/Hen Sugar and Creamer Dishes
181.Collectors Plates of Scarlet O'Hara Barbie and Little Orphan Annie
182.Decorative Plate of Eastern Bluebird
183.1981 Wilton Pewter Cups
184.Vintage Grace G. Drayton Paper Dolls
185.Black Cardboard Display Case with Cotton Insert
186.Animal Paper Dolls with 1978 Contest Ribbon
187.1912 Lettie Lane Paper Dolls
188.1917 Sheila Young Paper Dolls
189.Paper Doll Scrapbook
190."The Joy Of Christmas Morning" Angel By Jim Shore
191.Vintage Assorted Buttons In Display Case
192.Assorted Buttons
193.Sewing box With Assorted Sewing Items
194.Large Natural Conch Shell
195.Another Large Natural Conch Shell
196.AR15 Collapsible Stock Cover Mil-spec Target Sports
197.Pepsi-Cola AM/FM Radio
198.Witherspoon Straight Bourbon Whiskey Bottle With Cork
199.Shelf Liners, Decorative Sign
200.9 Pairs Of Clip On Earrings In Case
201.2 Wooden Boxes and Ship with Cloth Sails
202.Large Nicely Framed Print of Renoir's "Luncheon of the Boating Party"
This is about 40-1/2" x 34-1/2"
203.2 Nice Framed Botanical Prints
Each is about 18-3/4" x 14-3/4". 1 represents February and 1 September.
204.Print of British Aerospace 146-200 Airplane
This is about 21-1/4" x 18-1/2"
205.2 Vintage Framed Rock & Roll Legends' Foil Artwork, Rolling Stones & Bruce Springstein
Each is about 18-1/2" x 12-1/2"
206.Framed Artwork with Print of Church and Amazing Grace Sheet Music
This is about 16-1/2" x 13-1/2"
207.Vintage Framed Print of Birch Tree
This is about 24" x 17-1/2"
208.Large Nicely Framed & Matted Legends Playing Pool Print: Elvis, Bogart, Marilyn Monroe & James Dean
This is about 43-1/2" x 20"
209.Oil Painting of Barn Scene Signed Ellis '82
This is about 23" x 19"
210.Oil Painting of a Cabin in the Mountains
This is about 19-1/4" x 15-1/4"
211.Oil Painting of Nature Scene, Signed Rexford
This is about 20-1/2" x 16-1/4"
212.Framed Print of "David Copperfield's First Sight of London"
This is about 26-1/2" x 19-1/2". This has some damage as shown in photo.
213.New Framed Print of Table & Chairs by Water, Signed Vivian Flasch
This is about 22" x 18"
214.Framed Print of Landscape with Pink Mat.
This is about 21-1/2" x 17-1/2"
215.Framed Painting of Purple Iris, Signed by Olive Epps
This is about 23" x 19"
216.Framed Poster Print of Landscape, Signed by John Zacckeo
No glass, wrapped in plastic instead. This is about 22" x 17-1/2"
217.Large Nicely Framed and Matted Picture of Flowers on Table
This is about 37-1/2" x 32"
218.Large Very Nice Print of James Lee's Country Quiet
This is about 43-1/4" x 38-1/2"
219.2 Framed Prints of Fruit Trees – Pears and Lemons, Signed Barbara Mock
This is about 35" x 23-1/2"
220.Burlap Wreath with Saint Patrick's Day Decor
Approx 30" diamter
221.Nice Reversible Quilt
Approx 76" x 64". Has a couple of stains but still in good shape
222.Vintage Film Canister with Sewing Thread
223.4 Compartment Plastic Sewing Box
contents included
224.Horse-Opoly Game
225.Nurse Lot
Wooden sign, Nurse Figurine, and book
226.Owl Wax Warmer
227.Religious Print and Nurse Print
228.Cotton Hand Stitched Place Mats
229.Chef Works Medium Size Shirt, 3 Tin Molds, 2 Cake Decorating Holders with Ends
230.Lot of Several Hand Made Hot Pads
231.Heavy Metal Coffee Pot
maybe for camping
232.Collapsible Wooden Lap Tray
Approx 20.75" long
233.Gilbert Chemistry Kit in Metal Box
has rust as seen in picture
234.2 Aluminum Pans and Plastic Napkin Holder
235.Metal Hummingbird Thermometer
236.Correl 1.5 Qt Pot, 2.5 Qt Pot, and a Corning Ware Small Pot
237.3 Cotton Place Mats and Napkins, Whisk, Metal Sign
238.Misc Lot of Kitchen Stuff Including Wilton Cookie Cutters
239.Woodern Drawer Divider filled with Vintage Kitchen Items
240.Vintage Jar Wrench and Nut Cracker
241.Vintage Salt/Seasoning Shaker, Salt Spoons and Glass Stir Stick
242.One Basic Essentials and One Smaller Cast Iron Pans
Larger Pan is approx 6.5" and small pan is 5"
243.Basic Essentials Cast Iron Skillet
Approx 8.25" diameter
244.Basic Essentials Cast Iron Skillet
Approx 10.25" diameter
245.Paul Michael Company Wood Tray
Very Nice and Heavy
246.Large Plastic Tub of Decorative Glass Stones/Marbles
247.Reed's Rocket Nut Cracker in Box
looks new
248.Pair of Really Nice Glass/Chrystal Candle Sticks
249.Mizuno Adult Baseball/Softball Glove, Youth Pink Glove with Ball
250.Dolly Parton Readers Digest Greatest Hits 7 Record Set
251.Cute Boyds Bear with Stand
still has tags
252.Cut Glass Mosaic Vase
253.Brass "Pocket Watch" Trinket Box
254.Vintage Jewelry Box with Costume Jewelry
255.Late 1800's Puzzle Type Folding Sewing Kit
256.Lot of Misc Jewelry
257.Another Lot of Misc Jewelry Pieces
258.Lot of Misc Necklaces
259.Lot with 2 Necklaces and a Bracelet
One of the necklaces looks to be hand carved animals
260.Wooden Jewelry Box with Ring Holder, Necklace Holder and drawer
261.Rustic Framed Antique Themed Print
Approx 19" x 13"
262.Vintage Hand Stitched Quilt
has one little place that needs repair. Approx 93" x 84"
263.Vintage Reversible Hand Stitched Quilt
Approx 78" x 75"
264.Vintage Reversible Stitched Quilt
Has some stains on reverse side. Approx 84" x 84"
265.Set of 5 Demitasse Cups and Saucers
266.Valentine Barbie in Box
267.Route 66 Metal Hanging Bottle Cap
Approx 12" diameter
268.George Washington 2007 D, Abraham Lincoln 2010 D, James Garfield 2011 D Gold Dollar Coins
269.1880 Silver Dollar
Silver Weight: 0.7735 oz
270.King or Queen Sized Bed Spread
271.2 Door mats
Small Mat is 29.5" x 19.5". the larger one on 58.5" x 19.5"
272.Very Nice Canvas Tool Bag with Several Pockets and Wide Mouth Opening
273.Heavy Metal Basket/Trash Can with Wicker Accent
274.Breeze-Gold by Farberware, Gold Electroplate Flatware Set
40 pieces
275.Wood Nightstand with shelf and 2 drawers
276.1956 Ford F100 Framed Print
Approx 20" x 16"
277.Round Metal Texas Star
Approx 20" diameter
278.Lot of 4 Tractor Prints Some Matted
279.Another Lot of 4 Tractor Prints
280.Lot of Tractor and Cattle Prints, Some are Matted
281.Lot of 3 Larger Size Western Prints
Approx 20" x 16"
282.Lot of 5 Different Prints
283.Lot of Different Prints
284.Vintage Framed Coca Cola Ad
Approx 15" x 12"
285.Little People Doll House and a Princess Umbrella
286.Cadillac Hood Ornament
287.2 Train Themed Metal Belt Buckles
288.Lot of 5 Pipes, Including Corn Cob Pipes
289.Lot of Misc. Items
290.Pocket Watch
the cap is off the hinge but still a nice pocket watch. Untested
291.Vintage Westclox Pocket Watch
Needs repair
292.2 Vintage Metal Advertisement Pieces
293.Wooden Cross with Cross in Middle
Approx. 18" long
294.12" Cast Iron Skillet
295.10" Cast Iron Skillet and Vintage Hinge
296.Segal Dead Bolt with Key
297.Power Cords and Extension Cords
298.Metal Folder Holder and 3 Vintage Staplers
299.Rifle Cleaning Kit
300.2 Decorative Throw Pillows
301.2 Plastic Compartmental Totes with 2 Sides
these would be good to store Hot Wheels
302.Partial Ream of Blush Paper and Box of Cut Blue Paper
303.Vintage Whitney Jensen No. 5 Jr Hand Punch
304.Voyageur Fold-able Fly Fishing Rod with Canvas Carrying Case
305.Bathroom Scale
306.Assorted Office Supplies
Invoice sheets, 2 analysis sheets, address book
307.Assorted Candles
308.Assorted Stick Candles And Tea Lights
309.Assorted Votive Candles And Holders
4 Votive candle holders
310.Assorted Candle Holders
311.DELL Computer Monitor
With cables
312.Antler Lamp
313.Miscellaneous Electrical Switches
light switches,outlets, etc...
314.Casters, Bed Frame Parts
315.Hammer, Stanley Hacksaw
316.Novelty Celebrity Baseball Prints
Features Madonna and Tom Hanks
317.Disney Vans Shoes
Men's size 9, women's size 10.5
318.Portable DVD Player with DVD
Turns on, no further testing done
319.Metal 3-Candle Holder
320.Two Wilson Brand Racquetball Rackets
321.Tote Bag
322.Nicole Miller Purse
323.Lap Top Bag
324.Vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster Mixer
325.Storage Cubby With Shelves And Drawers
326.Red Shabby Chic Side Table
327.The Raith Collection Geelong Pigeon Rack
328.Tin Pepsi-Cola Sign
329.Hand-Made Wooden Box with Glass Top
330.Metal Sign "Hunter's Idea of Fast Food"
This is about 15" x 9"
331.Autumn Trails Magazines, 1981, '82, '83, '85 & '86
332.Assorted Light Bulbs
Not tested.
333.Nice Hand-Made Wooden Box with Glass Lid
334.Signed Frank Robinson Print & Keith Davis Football Card
Not authenticated.
335.3 Trigger Gun Locks
336.3 Trigger Gun Locks
337.2 Trigger Gun Locks
338.Misc. Office Supplies: Vintage Stapler, Staples & 20 Receipt Books
339.3 Misc. Hammers & 3-D Texas Star
340.Coca-Cola Metal Advertisement Sign
341.Vintage/Retro Dining Table
Looks like old diner table. This is about 47-1/2" wide, 35" deep and 29" high. Has extra leaf but wood has expanded on it.
342.6 Vintage Retro Metal Frame Chairs with Padded Seats & Backs
Great diner chairs. NOTE: These are being sold at 6 times the money
343.Hard Plastic Dog House/Kennel
This is about 21" tall, 26" long and 20" deep. It has a small hole in roof as shown in photo.
344.Rigid Shop Vac
This works.
345.2 Bicycle Lifts, New in Box
346.14 Spools of Weedeater Line
Fits several models of Greenworks weedeaters.
347.Tub of Foam Puzzle Piece Floor, ABC's and 123's, tub not included
348.Very Nice Brushed Brass Floor Lamp
This is about 43" tall, heavy & it works.
349.Brass Floor Lamp, Adjustable
This is about 34" to 46". It works.
350.Eastpointe Volleyball Game, New in Box
351.Vintage Sawhorse / Wooden Bench
This is about 38-1/2" wide, 6-1/2" deep, and 21" tall
352.Commercial Plastic Necklace Holder
Approx 22" high. Each platform is about 14" diameter Base has been repaired but you cannot tell
353.Assortment of 4 Glass Vases
2 are very nice and heavy
354.Wooden Box Call for Calling Turkeys and Another Wooden Box
Box call says it was made by John Knight and the other has a foot that has been repaired.
355.Assortment of Decor Items Including a Zodiac Plate, Blue Bottle And More
356.3 Different Planters.
One is hand painted as shown in picture
357.German Sewing Machine Accesories, Vintage Decorative Metal Plates and Germania Herb Tea
358.Ceramic Baylor Bear
359.Several Very Old Books From the Early 1900's Including Westminster Abbey Guide and Some Operas
360.A Very Nice Inspirational Piece of Son Talking to His Dad
361.Very Old Framed Lullaby Print
362.Vintage Royal Family Memorabilia Including Program from Queen Elizabeth's Coronation
363.September 1939 Field and Stream Magazine
364.1920 The Passing Show Magazine
365.Garage Sale Hardcover Book and Art Piece and Other
366.Legion Super Hero Comic Books
367.Captain America Comic Books
368.Excalibur Comic Books
369.Excalibur Comic Books
370.Dazzler and Wolverine Comic Books
371.6 Vintage 45 Records
372.7 Vintage 45 Records
373.Candle Stick Stamped Empire Sterling Weighted
374.Very Cool Electroplated Nickle Silver Pieces. One Seems To Be a Lighter
375.5 Silver Electroplated Heavy Forks
376.4 Electroplated Magnetic Silver Forks
377.5 Packs of Assorted Flower Seeds
378.3 1919 R and 4 1919 S One Cent Pieces
379.2 Arrow Heads and 2 Assorted Stones
380.2 Vintage Keys and a Miniature 10 Dollar Piece
381.Misc Coins and Tokens
382.Spent Bullet Casing Made Into a Can Opener and Full Tube of BB's
383.3 Arrow Heads from Sulpher River
384.7 ½ Penny's Old English Coins, 3 English Pennies, 2 -3 Pence Coins
385.Antique Austrian Fine China Dinnerware � marked MZ Altrohlau Czechoslovakia
Consignor says it is from late 1800's or early 1900's.
386.Antique Austrian Fine China Serving Pieces � marked MZ Altrohlau Czechoslovakia
Covered Cheese Server and 1-Piece Gravy Toureen. Consignor says it is from late 1800's or early 1900's.
387.Antique Austrian Fine China Serving Pieces � marked MZ Altrohlau Czechoslovakia
Serving bowl sugar bowl & creamer. Creamer has crack as shown in photo.Consignor says it is from late 1800's or early 1900's.
388.Antique Austrian Fine China Serving Pieces � marked MZ Altrohlau Czechoslovakia
Serving platter and covered serving bowl. Consignor says it is from late 1800's or early 1900's.
389.2 Miniature Oil lamps
These are about 8" tall.
390.Flask And Wind Chime
391.Two Bowls
392.Bean Pots/French Onion Soup Bowls And Plate
393.3 Crystal Bells
394.Another 3 Crystal Bells
395.Iridescent Carnival Glass Punch Bowl With Twelve Matching Cups
396.Authentic Wooden Dutch Shoes
397.Wooden Plate From Frankfurt, Germany
Hanger included, Stand pictured but not included
398.Wooden Parts Board
399.Wisconsin Homestead Ceramic Cheese Crock
400.Decorative Plate
Hanger included, Stand pictured but not included
401.Ruby Red Vase
402.Lavorato A Mano Pitcher
403.Crystal Au Plomb Genuine Lead Crystal Divided Dish
404.Hobnailed Oil Lamp Without Globe
405.Decorative Serving Platter
406.Port Aransas Brewing Co. Bottle
407.Copper Tea Kettle
408.Tiny, Miniature Niagara Falls Souvenir Tea Cup
409.Decorative Stein Mug
410.Hand Made Clay Pot
411.Vintage Black Beaded Purse
412.Nice Black Hand Bag/Laptop Bag
413.Vintage Table Legs with Wooden Casters
414.Diditoys Ritterburg Play Set
Made in Germany. Consignor started putting this together 35 years ago and then stopped. Been stored since.
415.Playmobile Saloon
made in Germany around the 1980's
416.Nice Woven Large Area Rug
Approx 92" x 65"
417.Hand Made Wooden Bench by Jerry Davis
Approx 15 high, 28" wide and 14.5" deep
418.Hand Made Table With Bottom Shelf by Jerry Davis
Approx 28" tall, 32" wide and 12.25" deep
419.Nice Metal Decorative Cross
Jerry Davis; Approx 22" x 17"
420.Metal Hanging Decorative Candle Holder
Jerry Davis; Approx 22" x 12.5"
421.Hand Made Bench by Jerry Davis
Approx 16" tall x 46.5" wide and 15" deep
422.Hand Made Bench by Jerry Davis
Approx 16" tall x 46.5" wide and 15" deep
423.New Best Products Rolling Laptop Table
I opened the box to take the pictures
424.Heavy Binder Filled With Brilliant, Uncirculated, or Proof Coins,This Collection has a 1996 W Dime and Susan B. Anthony Uncirculated Coins. Great for Collectors
The consignor has been collecting coins for a long time. He has made this book from 1965-2006 with various coins. Pictures do not include all pages. Monetary value alone on this item is close to $300. You need to come preview this item to appreciate its value
425.Religious Hanging Wall Decor
Approx 26.5" x 7.5"
426.Small Kitchen Food Composter with Bags
427.Heavy Wooden Night Stand
Approx 23" high, 16.75 wide and 13.5" deep
428.General Electric Nickel, Cadmium Battery Charger
Not tested.
429.Vintage Apple Cookie Jar
430.Ginger Jar with Lid
Japanese Porcelain Ware
431.Vintage Hamilton Beach Malt Maker
432.2 Spaulding China Vases
433.2 Candlesticks Made in Holland and a Japanese Decorative Vase
434.3 Decorative Handpainted Bottles in Wire Holder
435.Bissel Powerforce Upright Vacuum
powers on, no further testing done
436.Vintage Wooden Childs Potty Chair
437.3 Nice Wooden Dinette Chairs
438.4 Vintage TV Trays with Rolling Stand
439.Nice Ceramic Duck Gravy Bowl
440.Wild Turkey Collectible Decanter
441.Wild Turkey Collectible Decanter
442.Large Plastic Tub with Rollers and Locking Lid
443.Very Nice and Clean Corning Ware Electric Perculator
444.Glass Bowl with Candle Holder
445.Glass Bottle with Christmas Lights
446.Heavy Metal with Red Glass Candle Sticks on Base
447.Nice Grape Theme Fruit Dish and a Sunbeam GlassBake Bowl
448.Ceramic Fruit Themed Decor Piece

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